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From: Disorder in Court: Trial of the Admin formerly known as Kathana




I will give evidence! This place has been a bane of my existence from the age of 15 or 16 back in 2001/2 until now... I dont remember specifically. But that's because the experiences have twisted my memories!


And that woman was one of the first to welcome me on my first day when I stormed into the White Tower. And by welcome me, I mean tell me off for demanding what I had to do to bond an Aes Sedai. A telling off which truly worked because it wasn't until a long time later I finally bonded.


She also, on said first day, took part in a number of jokes which damaged my fragile little mind, most of which involved Rand and Bela and are not fit to be repeated to the court. I had not finished the series at the time and wasn't sure I wanted to continue after all that she, among others, said. Wait... I still haven't finished the series :O IT MIGHT STILL BE TRUE! *cringes*


Since that time I have been here, on and off, for all these long years, attached to this place like a great big bloody anchor on my heart. I hereby propose to the court that had she not been Amyrlin and run this place for those long years, I would not have been so easily swayed. I leave the matter in your good judgement, mother.



That said, I, as Sword Captain of the Warders Guild, have heard enough about this miscreant "Jason." It has been established that he in fact is the one who created this monstrosity, and continues to sustain it from his evil lair. Further, he is the one who gave THAT WOMAN her position of authority and doubtless turned a blind eye when she on several occasions, as has been established before the court, abused said authority for her own enjoyment.


With that in mind, I decree punishment upon this man as follows.


First, he may never, ever leave Dragonmount. It is his duty for the rest of his life to continue to maintain it :cool:


Second, he is hereby made an honorary Warder in the current Guild. The reds may fight over who will bond and or pretty him.


Third, he is here forth given the following award, the highest honor a warder can earn, one bestowed only for lifetime achievements of service:




Take him away! (Or, you know, all hail... It's getting a bit confusing)







Source: Disorder in Court: Trial of the Admin formerly known as Kathana



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