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New Update

Asha’man Hall



Hey, i just thought i would let you know how things where going. Im doing really great, im happy at the moment which i cant say has been the case up until a couple of months back. I have been working at my new job for three months now, and its going really well im enjoying the job im doing, i have started to develop good relationships with the other staff members. I am enjoying getting paid again aswell, I can spend alot more time with all my friends and go on nights out, to the movies and hang out alot more now. I get to spend time with my sister aswell which is really great, i have not been able to see her over the last couple of years because she has been away at university, but now now she is in her final year she will be living at home, i have missed her.


I am off work now for a couple of days so im going to be out and about, busy busy busy. Ive arranged a night out with my friends at the weekend which should be really fun. Im going to the pictures with my sister on thursday, but i dont know what where going to watch. Im going to try and take it easy at the weekend with the drinking, because im sick of waking up with a hangover and feeling like the grim reaper with the flu.


Currently im reading the broken empire series by mark lawrence, im on book 3 the emperor of thorns and im really enjoying it, its very gritty and dark with alot of death. Next on my reading list is the shadow of the apt series which ive heard good things about. Has anybody got any suggestions for new series to read please let me know.


Well thats it for now see you next time.



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Yeah good things are definitely happening. I have read all the dresden file books, im just waiting for the new book to come out in november i cant wait. Ive just read cold days again. Yeh hangovers suck, but i dont always get them. Im alrite going past 2 drinks. i will be trying out a new hangover cure for weekend if i wake up with hangover, chilli burrito for breakfast.

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