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It's getting crazy

Asha’man Hall



Weekend plans


Hi, things are pretty crazy at the moment im working loads. But im off for the weekend and im going to make the most of it, im off to my mates tommorrow night, hopefully going to have some fun and have some drinks. Sunday it's wigan vs man utd in the cup, so me and my mates are all watching the match together.


Personal life


Things are going really well at the moment, which is really strange because usually its the opposite and everything goes bad somehow. At the moment though im really happy, im still single at the moment which is good because i dont want to be in relationship at the moment. Although my ex-girlfriend did call me 18 times on wednsday night which was really annoying and wierd. Yeah the happiness feels strange, maybe its because im not used to it. On the good news front my auntie is getting married on the 24th of august which should be fun. I love going to weddings, seeing all the family and friends together, the open bar, the chance to meet some new people, im really looking forward to it, should be fun.

Im also going to the pictures on tuesday with my sister who is back from university, i am also looking forward to that because i havnt seen her for a while. On a completely different note, my farther has got in touch with me, which really suprised me because i havnt heard from him in 12 years.


Thats all ive got time for at the moment. Speak to again soon.



Recommended Comments

Exes are the worst.


I'm so much happier now without mine.


I changed my number to avoid weird middle of the night phone calls.


Good luck with every thing

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