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New Spring 02 - A Wish Fulfilled

Wicked Woodpecker of West



blog-0959770001375896912.jpgThe Prophecy is fulfilled and the Dragon is Reborn!


Well, that’s something I was looking forward to. And now all hell will break loose. Yay! Well, probably yay. Anyway putting Prophecy - or should I say Foretelling – aside, this chapter includes lot of interesting stuff.


So, the Aes Sedai are ruled by a leader called Amyrlin Seat1, which holds almost absolute power over White Tower. Her deputy is called Keeper of Chronicles. Aes Sedai divide themselves into seven Ajahs, which are probably some kind of orders or houses. So far White, Blue, Green and Yellow Ajahs were revealed. We don’t know what makes certain Ajahs special, except that White Ajah is fond of logic2. Of course Aes Sedai lifespan is much longer than simple Muggle-folk and they never get any wrinkles, just like Hollywood actress.


Moiraine failed to make any special impression. Some could think that acolyte of powerful sorceress order should have bigger problems than wearing white dress all the time. I would expect something more from one of the most promising adepts of mystical force in generations. What’s most interesting she’s Cairhien noblewoman, and her uncle is somehow responsible for invasion of Aielfolk. That should be important.


Tairen forbid magic in their country, and they don’t like Aes Sedai. I suppose that’s another prove that they are assholes. Well except of Siuan Sanche, of course.


And now the question is – what would Tamra Ospenya do? Well except finding herself new deputy. Dragon is Reborn, Doom is Coming. Yeah!



1That’s peculiar name. It sounds like kind of furniture. Wouldn’t Amyrlin alone sounds better?


2Someone could think that in powerful order of magic wielders fondness of logic would be condition sine qua non. Apparently not.



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Some of us are completely ruled be our emotions you know.


When it comes to emotion logic takes the back seat.


Like your view on the series. Keep going :)

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Some of us are completely ruled be our emotions you know.


When it comes to emotion logic takes the back seat.



Unfortunately, you're right. Damn, you human nature!

But even then, I would expect something more from an acolyte of Powerful Order of Magicians. That's just principle of things ;)

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Bloody Tony Abbot by the look of things.


I'm depressed just thinking about it. It's Kevin Rudd at the moment.


Politics is a bit of a farce at the moment. It's all lowbrow politicking and not enough concrete policy for the future.

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