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For those who don't know (annulment)...



So, for those of you all who don't know, I was engaged to Kate.

We got married in December, but some things in life just don't work out like planned.

It was good while it lasted, and all that good stuff, but crap happens.

DM PG-13 rules apply here right? I will continue to refrain from cursing.


So yeah. Thin has just didn't work out, and it sucks, and it's why I haven't really been here much on DM. Sorry, too many memories that hurt.

Anyways, I have told a few people personally and talked to some people about it, but I find it too hard to tell everyone over and over. Don't be insulted f I didn't tell you personally, it's just that after repeating it to even a few people, it gets hard to tell more people.


Life moves on, and I'll get over it, but yeah.

Will be single soon. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, please take a number. Haha


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I did post earlier, but didn't save.  I completely understand love.  Nothing we can do to make it better, but know we are ther for you when you need us.



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lol, thanks, Ithi. 


*pets the kitty* ^^


C'est la vie, Chuckles. Sh, it happens. 


I've had a month off of work, been taking it too easy, Ry. haha


Yea, me too, Basel. 


Thanks, Mashi. P.S. We pretty much already knew at JordanCon, so yea. Sorry for not letting y'all know sooner.  *hugs* 


:wub: Womby. And duh. I am a strong, independent black woman, and I don't need no man.

Wait, wrong one. 


Thanks, crow lady. ^^


*stabs Moon* :baalzamon: 

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Oh, the irony, Gudrean.

Had court today. Annulment denied (I knew it would be), and now need to file for divorce.

If I'm up to it later, I'll give a little more detail in another blog post.

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