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First blog




I have been swept into the world of the Wheel since I got books one and two for Christmas. I am currently on book eight- path of daggers. I do sometimes find it hard to keep track of all the characters. The funny names can be hard to get to grips with. The books are epic, vast scope of plots and characters and plenty of intrigue. Rand has changed so much from the naive boy from the first book, he is sometimes (I hate to say) unlikable, yet part of me is still holding out for the old Rand, hoping he will reemerge only wiser. He is becoming almost what he has to defeat, two halves of the same coin, black and white, light and shade. Both need each other to exist they give one another meaning. The female characters are strong which is a goodl thingt to see. The world seems to be dominated by the female, or if not dominated then equal to male, again one defining the other and giving that other meaning. There are so many different frictions at work which leaves for many different ways the stories can go. I enjoy my time within the world of the wheel, and I shall be jumping right back into it shortly. Right back into a battle with the Seanchan.



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I'm happy you are enjoying it.  Just try to stay out of the "Spoiler" discussions so the books don't get ruined for you.  Jump on over to the White Tower and Warders.  I think you might like it.     :-)

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I  am so absorbed into this alternative world, I wish is were real!!  i AM avoiding all spoilers but it is hard.  It is so good to be able to share this world with everyone out there.  I feel that in could so easily reach out for saidar, but then I remember it isnt real!!

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Try the White Tower and Warders! You can work towards being raised to Aes Sedai. I wish it was real too! :-)

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It's funny the parallels you can draw between reading the books and things that happen in the books.


I find that I must only allow myself to read for a set amount of time per sitting, otherwise-like saidin-I'll lose myself in it and get swept away.


If I read too much over the weekend then stepping back into the real world is more difficult.

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