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Foot Surgery!!!




I had totally planned to update this more.



Anyways, a quick update on what has happened since March...

There is a TL;DR at the bottom.




After I got the custom inserts, I starting wearing them the next day. Now let me tell you, they HURT. The bump in the inserts was under the inner side of my foot, right at the middle. Which is where a normal arch would be. I got used to that bump in the inserts, in the sense that I didn't really feel it so much after a couple of weeks.

Also, they did absolutely NOTHING to lessen the pain. Which naturally means that when I went back a month or so later to tell my doctor that, she RAISES the inserts ridiculously high. She also referred me to physical therapy to see if that would help any.

That was on a Friday. I wore them to lunch the next day and they fell quite a bit, but were still higher than when I first got them. That following Monday, I could barely walk faster than a snail after a few hundred yards. My feet were hurting so much wearing those inserts, it was ridiculous. Worse than just being extremely painful while I was walking, after PT when I was about to shower in my friend's room, I stood up after having been sitting down for a few minutes and I could not put my left down because there was so much pain.

I had to literally walk on the heel of my left foot. I just couldn't place it flat on the floor. My right foot hurt, but there wasn't excruciating pain like in my left foot. When I got into the bathroom, I turned the water on and started crying from how bad it was hurting. Seriously, it was not fun.


I called the doctor that afternoon, and she had me come in the next morning. She said she had done everything within her treatment regime that she could to reduce or get rid of the pain, and was going to refer to a surgeon. This was after she had referred me to physical therapy of course, so I still went to that.


Trigger Point Dry Needling

So, physical therapy hasn't really been that fun...

All I do really is a bunch of stretching. Annnndd, Dry Needling. It is kind of like acupuncture. I'm not sure what the difference is, but there is a difference, apparently. Basically, she sticks the needles into my muscles to loosen them up.

I hadn't noticed that my calves were super tight, and she said that might cause some more pain. After the first session, I could feel how much looser my calves were, so that was nice, but there was no lessening of pain. At all.

She also needled my feet. Have you ever noticed how thick the skin of your feet are? They are padded because you walk on them, and she had to push really hard to get the needle in. That just hurt, and I don't know what effect she was going for with that.

I haven't been back in the last two weeks because of work, but I will probably go only one more time before surgery. Just to let them know that and kind of close out unless I need to go for rehab after surgery.



Finally, I get what I have been waiting for. As much as I wished the inserts or some other treatment would have worked, I pretty much knew they wouldn't work. I went to see the surgeon Tuesday (4th of June), and he asked a bunch of silly questions (i.e. Have I had any broken bones in my feet, sprained my ankle, etc). Sure, it is good to ask, but I have been through that so many times. He also asked if I have been in a car accident because flat feet can cause lower back pain.

He just wanted to make sure there wasn't another cause for any of the pain I have. He took x-rays (yay more x-rays), and we went over those, too. He only did my left foot, because that one is worse than the right foot.


Anyways, he explained (which I pretty much already knew) that my feet have a burning sensation and get numb because I am essentially just walking on nerves.

He also told me that I am in the top 5% of the worst cases of flat feet he has ever seen. He has done over 500 flat foot corrective surgeries, and I am sure he has seen more patients who don't get surgery. Yay me! :rolleyes:


So, I was able to get surgery scheduled, and asked them for as soon as possible. I will be getting cut up on the 28th of this month!

I have my pre-surgery appointment on the 17th, where I'll sign all my consent forms and get any more info that I need then. I can also ask all the questions I have then.

Then, surgery on the 28th (on my left foot), and my first post-op on the 1st of July.


The surgery consists of them cutting my heel and sliding over, cutting into the outside of my foot and placing a bone graph in, and cutting the inside of my foot and tightening the tendon or something. And I think there is more. Or not. I forgot. Those three things are the main thing that will fix my foot.





Inserts hurt more and didn't help.

Physical therapy didn't help.

I have surgery on the 28th.

They'll be cutting up my left foot.



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Thanks everybody! 

I will have my mom out here to take care of me. hahaha

I'm going to make her clean up after me, and I don't even care. :biggrin: 

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Is this an Army doctor who is doing the surgery? Do you feel confident that the doctor who is going to be doing the  surgery to fix your flat feet knows what he is doing? 

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That is good news. I am glad that the Army ain't making you for the surgery go to the same knucklehead doctor who was making you wear those stupid and painful inserts.

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Oh, I agree.

The second podiatrist I saw who was making me wear inserts was a civilian doctor, though! But she had to try "conservative treatment."


Annoying and blegh, but hey, I shall be fixed soon, so yay.

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