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From: The Knightmare of the White Tower!!!







Not too long ago, the young Manshima TylerRVG killed Fnorrll's horse. Now, normally this horse would have just stayed dead, except Mother had bonded Fnorrll's horse during... A different incident.


Apparently, animals being Bonded makes their spirits hang around for a bit should they die... Or something.


Anyway, since we have this ghost horse hanging around, we're going to have a medieval knight related event. We are going to be randomly speaking in "Old English" for the next week, and we will have many discussions and games to enjoy.


So partake in this fair event and enjoy thyselves! XD




*Jousting--bonded pairs--ASG

In this thread, bonded pairs can sign up and then will be asked a series of questions about each other. The pair who answers the most questions correctly wins!

*100 medieval foods--RTE

Participants of this thread will choose a number 1-100, and then they will get the food item corresponding with the number they chose.

*Witch burning--Tyler

In this thread, members of the Aes Sedai path will be brought forward and put on trial for witchcraft. Those who are trying to convict the individual will cite times they have Channeled or just acted "like a witch" in the past, and those defending will... Be creative in some other way

*Chivalry discussion--Kronos

A discussion of chivalry, the different systems of it that have existed over time in different cultures, and how it is or is not present in the world today

*King Arthur/Knight literature discussion--Izabella

A discussion of Arthurian literature, the art to it, the different stories, which are favorites, the impact it's had... etc.

*Knight Cagematch--Starry and Chuckles

Famous knights from across time will go head to head in this match. Fans will cheer their knight on by voting and help him achieve victory!

*Female Warriors Discussion--Seia

A discussion of notable female Warriors

*Favorite Armor/Weapons--Chuckles

A discussion/picture sharing thread featuring favorite weapons or armor

*Battle Music--Hallia

A discussion/music sharing thread featuring soundtracks or other songs which fit a battlefield well or would be good to fight to

*Real Life "Dragon Killers" Discussion--Heart

A thread focusing brave people in our own lives or that we hear about in the news who inspire us

*Dragon Hunt--Dors

A hide-and-seek thread where images of dragons will be hidden in the other threads of this event and then those who sign up for the hunt try to find all of the hidden dragons



Source: The Knightmare of the White Tower!!!



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