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From: Poetry with the Reds! - Our Heroes





Here is a poem I wrote many years ago. I hope you like it:







Why do they do it?

They get yelled at, cursed, assaulted, etc.

And they keep coming back for more

They help the child who has wandered away from home

The drunk who thinks he is sober

The battered spouse who loves the abuser

and gives them chance after chance

The mentally ill person bent on self-destruction,

Who at the time, does not realize that they are being helped

Why do they do it?


Why do they do it?

They get shot at, blown up, stoned, etc.

Yet they keep coming back for more

They go to foreign lands to help the helpless

They risk their lives day after day

They get labeled killers, monsters, and evil

Why do they do it?


Why do they do it?

They get punched, kicked, cursed, etc.

Yet they keep coming back for more

They run into burning buildings

To save those in danger

They put out the fires, and not just of burning buildings,

But of emotions out of control

They help the wounded

They console the dying

Why do they do it?


They do it because they are: OUR HEROES!!



By: Lisa Mae



Source: Poetry with the Reds!



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