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One hell of a week




I just came back from the Boston Commons celebrations commemorating the capture of the second bombing suspect. I have to say it was a fitting end to one of the worst weeks I can remember.

Starting Monday with the bombing of the marathon. It was obvious from the end of that first day that the terrorists didn't accomplish what they wanted. Because when the bombs went off, some people ran away, but more ran towards the victims. Doing whatever they could to save the lives of their fellow citizens of humanity, regardless of what country they were from. The marathon is supposed to be a friendly competition celebrating unity and bringing the world together for one day. It certainly began that way and it certainly ended that way. If you read all the stories of people doing everything they could to help, it really shows that while we may have our differences, we all stand as one. Tuesday was a solemn day. I remember getting on the train that morning and looking around at the looks on everyone's faces. They were sad, but also angry. They wanted answers. Wednesday, life seemed to return to normal except for the heightened security. It seemed like we were going to have to wait a while for answers. Then this morning the trains were shut down and I knew something was up. Fortunately work is only a 30 minute walk for me. I remember being the only one there and the confusion while virtually everybody called in. Then it was basically a waiting game. The entire city was on lockdown because of the shootout between police and the suspects. They finally let us go home and I put the news on and waited. When they lifted the lockdown and resumed services it seemed almost as if they had given up, that the second guy had gotten away. Until they found him only 20 minutes later. One resident of Watertown went outside and saw blood dripping from his boat, which was when he found the suspect and called police. More waiting, until the crowd erupted in applause and the police announced "we have the suspect." It was quite a relief to be honest, with the entire state on edge. While I was at the celebration on the commons it was truly something else. I have never seen anything of the like. Hundreds of people smiling, almost a party atmosphere. People were standing on the giant gazebo and all around cheering; USA, BPD (Boston Police Department), Boston Strong, Boston's Finest, and MIT (to remember the slain MIT police officer). Someone brought a big portable radio and started to play the city's unofficial anthem (Sweet Caroline by Neal Diamond). Almost a thousand people at this time started to sing along. It brought me to tears to see my broken city made whole again, standing tall and stronger than before. That's why in the end, they will lose. True fellowship and love for your fellow man knows no bounds. I think over the past week we have shown how strong we are as a people, no not as Americans, but the human race as a whole. While they want to destroy us, they have to realize that no matter what they do we will survive, and we will endure, and we will overcome. When they attacked on Monday they forgot to realize one little fact; We are Boston, and we are strong.



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