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Time and Life




Time. What is it really? We all see it, it passes by, and we never seem to have enough of it. There are approximately seven billion and forty-seven million people on this planet and we are all different. You could go through every human on the planet and not find two individuals that are exactly the same. But time is a constant. It's universal. However different we may be, we all only have 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, and so on. So how do we use that time that we have? Most of us think that we're invincible, that we will live forever, when the fact is that our lives could be taken from us at any given moment. Living in a city, I look around and see people rushing everywhere, not taking any time to breathe, relax, or even notice what is going on around them. Or when we are forced to wait, say on the bus or train, we all look at our phones instead of noticing the world around us. Instead of thinking how we can make a difference, we just try to get through the day. Most of us simply exist, we never live. We never get a motive in life to be something more, to change our lives, or the lives of others for the better. This life is our greatest project, and some of us don't even care. You will rarely hear the word legacy anymore, unless it's referring to a politician or someone famous. No one wants to be different anymore. Everyone want's to be accepted, and that means conforming to the status quot. If every one of us took five pennies a day we could end world hunger. If we invested 30 minutes a month in the community, there would be no crime. If we took a good hard look around us, and let our hearts lead us for just a moment there would be no homeless people. If we all invested just a little more time in our families, there would be no high school dropouts, no kids turning to drugs. If we talked more, there would be no conflict, no war. If we stopped being so selfish, there would be no poor. We have the latest gadgets but we don't care that there is magic in our palms. When you die, if you choose to be buried, there will be a tombstone with your name and your year of birth and death. In-between those two there is a dash. That dash is like a book of your life. What do you want it to say? If your life were a book, would people want to read it? Too many people will have a book that reads as follows: "Born, went to school, got a job, got married, bought a house, had some kids, retired, died." I'm sorry, but I don't want my book to be like that. I actually believe that I can still make a difference. Maybe I just have the audacity to think that I actually matter. I may be crazy. Hell, call me crazy, but I can't settle for working my life away one day at a time and letting my life pass me by. I'm all grown up and I still dream. Too many people don't. They're plugged into this system of submission, working day after day with no end, no cause. They don't have a purpose in life. When I pass and my book is opened for others to read I want it to be multi-volume epic, instead of just a haiku. What will your book say?



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