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One of the Greatest

Aiel Heart



March 17th will be two years since my grandpa passed. I posted the first part of this in an entry a while back, but I've added to it and so I wanted to post the extended version:

One of the greatest men who's ever lived

Wasn't too well known

But he's been an inspiration to me

Through all of the time I've grown


My father's step-father was always upbeat

Never was there not a smile on his face

A person could count on his optimism

No matter what the time or place


His lap was a place of refuge

I knew I was safe when I was there

I could run to him and snuggle close

When life was more than I could bear


One of the greatest men to walk this earth

Lost both of his legs and still stood tall

Throughout so much hardship and pain--

He stayed happy though it all


There were so many things I learned from him

That will stay with me through my life

My love of God and of the mountains

And how to stay positive through strife


Grandpa, you were a great man

And I knew someday you'd die

But why did you have to leave so quickly?

I didn't even get to say goodbye


One of the greatest men to ever smile

Has passed into heaven’s light

Now he soars on wings like the eagles

In a city where there is no night


And I know he’s still here with me

Even though I can not see is his face

I have tears of joy, for in my heart I know

He’s truly in a better place.


He’s playing cribbage with Jesus

He’s with Mary in a meadow of sun

He’s in the woodshop with Joseph

He’s with St. Michael on a run


One of the greatest men I’ve ever known

Is in eternity watching over me.

I’ll see him again someday, but until then

I’m at peace, because I know he’s free



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