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Hobbitses Feets




Got x-rays done. This is what I was told as we reviewed them.

Apparently my big toes lifts up, my first metatarsals are too short (causing them to be squared off instead of rounded), all the other metatarsals have strain on them because they have to compensate trying to bring my big toe down, and my Talus and/or Navicular doesn't point in the right direction (straight out), they point down.

And my calcaneus are supposed to be at 25 degrees (which is normal). They are at 2 and 9 (left and right respectively).




But at least it's progress in treatment! They wrapped my feet up all crazily, and I have to leave it on for 3 days (which means I'll have to have bags over my feet duct-taped closed while I shower - ewwww). And they're going to scan my feet to give me custom orthopedics.


Granted, I already did this on post, but they want to give me more aggressive ones. o_O




Picture of the bones of the feet for reference:





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You're in the Army? My son is in the Air Force and he got his feet scanned to determine which of two kinds if boots he was going to get.


Hope this doesn't hurt too much.

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Yes ma'am.  I was surprised they let me in, but they did. My feet didn't give me big problems until recently, and I actually kind of hope they do the surgery. 

Now, if they have another fix, then awesome, but they did tell me surgery is a treatment option. And I've been told before, when I was younger, that I should get surgery. 


Soooo, yea. We'll see what happens. Hopefully the "more aggressive" inserts work well. 

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