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From: Empys 2012 - Time to vote!










Welcome to the 9th Empys Award Event! Now it´s time to vote for your favourites from 2012.


Here is the list of the finalists. There are links to all the nominated threads in there, which are good to take a look at before you move on. :wink:



Now, before you vote, read the instructions carefully!







1. Please ensure that all votes are based on the year of 2012. Don´t base your votes on mafia games, roleplaying etc that happened this year.


2. Submission of your Dragonmount Username is mandatory upon form completion. You are allowed one go. (Any additional voting submitted by the same member will be disregarded.)


3. Please ensure that you put your full Dragonmount username. Nicknames or shortened versions will not count.


4. Only one vote per category.


5. The overall/member categories extend from the Discussion Boards to the General Boards, as well as the Social Groups (ie everything except the RP section). The Social Group categories apply to them alone. Likewise for the RP Groups and their categories.


6.. You can only vote in those areas which you take part in. If you don´t RP you cannot vote in the RP categories, etc.


7. Read the rules and category description carefully before voting. Know and understand what the purpose of the category is and fill it accordingly. Click on the links to see the threads that are nominated.


8. Finalists can´t vote for themselves (but everyone can vote for threads that they have posted in or groups that they are members of if they want to).


9. No advertising. No telling people who to vote for.






Have you read the list of the finalists? Have you read the instructions? Well then, what are you waiting for? Time to vote!



Voting Form



Deadline is March 2.



Source: Empys 2012 - Time to vote!


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