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From: [SG Faire: WT & Warders] Aes Sedai thread




Welcome to the White Tower and Warders' little corner of the world Randland Dragonmount! We hope to entertain and intrigue you in this thread, but also feel free to visit us at our home and join in the various threads, games, discussions, competitions, etc we have going there.


Before the fun begins, I would like to tell you a bit about our Social Group:


The term
"Aes Sedai"
"Servants of All"
in the Old Tongue. The
White Tower and Warders Social Group
has used the philosophy of
Servants of All
to create a social setting based on the hierarchy, purpose and set-up of the White Tower and Warders in the WoT series. This inspires the way in which we interact and some of the activities which we organize, although we are a social community and not a role playing group.


We offer people of varying common interests - related to the books or otherwise - a chance to find their niche with like minded people in one of the Ajahs or the Warders guild. Whether you are a Warder or an Aes Sedai (here males can be Aes Sedai and females can be Warders), at the White Tower and Warders Social Group, you can live out that philosophy and have fun doing it!


Now for the fun! As we are 2 halves of a whole, the Warders will be hosting their own thread. Please keep an eye out for that one :happy:


To kick off this Aes Sedai part of the WT Faire, Tamerya will lead a discussion on the most useful Talent(s) in the books, and later we can all try to create a new Talent.


Have fun!


Source: [sG Faire: WT & Warders] Aes Sedai thread



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