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a ways into chapter 37, it's a long one...




I'm really loving matts atitude in this book, it's cracking me up, or maybe i'm going nuts from reading so much today...anywho...I'm glad to think the dragons peace willl work out, i'm hoping it does.......I can't believe the great generals had compulsion used on them...i am glad that it gave matt the power of the armies, i always thougth he should control them, but never thought they would, but with circumstances this bad they had to....it's kinda funny...Glad Uno got promoted.....I think it's funny how the seanchan dressed up min and treat her like royalty, i was wondering what her place wouldbe in this battle.....Doomseer who would've thought....the Seanchan are crazy.....Also how they now view battle fields are cool, using the traveling weave, and what Androl can do with that weave, well it's amazing......I think the short story is going to the the story of Androl, it seemed like that was missing or taken out earlier in thebook...Losing Tenobia was horrible, and that many of the boarderlanders army, that's a tough beat.....I was really worried about Perrin there for a while glad he pulled through.....glad the black tower helped elayne and stands with the Lion of Andor.....Still amazed about the lava through the gateway trick.... i will say i think the seanchan will use Min well, i like what they did putting that man in the front lines....kinda cool.... I've been waiting for the horn to be sounded again, since The Great Hunt, and when it comes into play they get sent to the blight with it, i can't belive Vanin's a darkfriend though, i just can't accept it....I like how the confrontation between Rand and shaitan is shaping up, i hope Rands vision of the future comes true, makes me want more story's, but that will be just a dream, but a fond one...Demanred is crazy, but he sure knows how to bring it, a full circle, completely didn't even think of that, I can't believe gawyn got beat like a child fighting him, and with those rings.....three of them, gawyn's crazy too...i hope he don't die, that wouldn't be good...and what kind of connection does Pevara and Androl have now......they doing some impossible things, or so i thought...I wonder who the darkfriend is in matts command post....I hope nothing happens to Rhuarc, i can't believe he was taken...this book is wicked fast paced, i love it, i can't believe it's going to end......



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