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Just Finished Chapter 2




Let me start by saying the reason i'm doing this is to keep track of how i feel about the book as I go along and read it. It will also see if other people think and feel the same way about the book as i did. so anywho......

I just finished Chapter 2 (as it states in the title) and i'm excited about a meeting with min, elayne, and aviendha. I'm also worried about how many people taim has turned to the shadow and also about how much blood will flow from the black tower in this fight. I also wonder if the people can also be turned back to normal........I also loved the part from Talmanes' point of view, i love the guy and the more i learn about him the more i see he's like me. I always thought he was a funny guy....glad he'll be alright. I will say I fear most for Perrins life. I feel he's the most likely of the three to die, but i hope he doesn't.......anywho happy reading.....




P.S. i will be completely ignoring spelling and grammer and i apologize for that if it annoys some people. Also i hope to get feed back on what you guys thought of the book and what did you worry about increasingly more as the story went on or whatevery you'd like to share really. Also I'll only be writing after i read every few chapters.......happy reading to all and to all a good read....


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