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Memories of Light, weeks 1-3




  • Monday November 26th:
"It had been useful at Maradon. Nobody knew he had it. That was important."


Rand thinking about the fat man angreal. He could have retrieved it post VoG, most likely based on the info he got from Verin's red letter she left for him in the Tower. The next day after getting to Tear Rand went somewhere to fetch something


He'd (Rand) gone somewhere this morning. Insufferable man. At least he'd taken Maidens with him. He'd reportedly said he needed to fetch something.

-ToM, ch 15


Could easily be the fat man angreal if he only just found out about it from Verin's letter. The fat man need not be touched to be used (tFoH, ch 21). This explains how Rand could channel so powerfully at Maradon. He just had the angreal in his pocket. This would also fit the following item from Leigh Butler's review:


His pocket? Seriously?

  • Tuesday November 27th:
"I should like to hear one of your stories. Perhaps you could tell me of the time your father and you visited Shara?"


The most fun explanation here is that this is somebody talking to Androl who turns out to be Jain Farstrider's son. I've always thought of Androl as a kind of Jain Farstrider Junior based on how well traveled he is. However, this is probably false because if Jain had a son he'd definitely tell Mat to contact him in the last moments of his life. He didn't and instead mentioned Malkieri in general. There is a (very) slight chance that this may still be right because the TG scene was written by RJ and pretty much the whole Androl story line seems to be due to BS. Androl shows up only once and that only very briefly before tGS (in the CoT prologue) and there is absolutely nothing remarkable about him in that scene. As a result of the author switch there are some rather ugly untidy ends in the TG scene, like Mat telling Moiraine that Morgase is dead (Perrin already told him about his travels by that point and he could not leave Morgase out). Jain forgetting that Androl is his sone might be one of those things. (Very unlikely, I know). A more plausible explanation is that it's somebody talking to an Aiel. The Aiel go to Shara so it could be anybody. This could be Rand and Avi's pillow-talk, could be Faile talking to Bain or Chiad, could be Perrin talking to Gaul etc. Too many possibilities to pick a definite one.


  • Wednesday November 28th:
"Being married is not so bad, Perrin. Why didn't you tell me it was not so bad? I think I am rather fond of it."



  • Thursday November 29th:
"Pass his bond to me."

This one is tricky. I think it's somebody (probably Egwene) talking to Elayne, Alanna or Avi (probably Alanna) about Rand's bond after Rand is captured by the Dark side and needs to be killed. Even if this is wrong I don't believe it's a Dark Side character asking. They wouldn't want Rand's bond even if they could get it. They know about Alanna and the fact that she can't control Rand through the bond. Elza knew for sure and Nalaene likely knows too. At least one of them (probably Elza) was in communication with Mesaana and/or Demandred. Mesaana mentions in tGS, prologue that they had a spy present during the capture of Semi in KoD. Shaidar Haran also might have questioned Elza in tGS but it's not clear how much time he had for that. So I don't see much point for any Dark Sider in wanting to bond Rand. No benefits gained and instead they would give Rand a bead on their location.


Edit: I think the speaker is most likely Egwene. There were a couple of early foreshadowings that Rand will be Egwene's warder. And he might end up one, at least for a time, in the above scenario. In tEoTW Ewgene tells Rand


“There,” Egwene said as if it were settled. “I know. I will make you my Warder, when I’m an Aes Sedai. You would like being a Warder, wouldn’t you? My Warder?” She sounded sure, but he saw the question in her eyes. She wanted an answer, needed it.

“I’d like being your Warder,” he said. She’s not for you, nor you for her. Why did Min have to tell me that?

--tEoTW, ch 48


Min's viewing seems to preclude this possibility but actually, it does not. What Min told Rand specifically was


She loves you, too, but she’s not for you, or you for her either. Not the way you both want.”

-tEoTW, ch 15


At that point in the story Egwene and Rand wanted to marry each other. So the viewing excludes that, but it does not exclude the possibility of Rand becoming Egwene's warder.

There is another foreshadowing in tGH when Elayne tells Egwene


“However much you say you do not care,” Elayne said, “I think you’d approve less than Mother would. He is interesting, Egwene. More interesting than any man I’ve ever met, even if he is a shepherd. If you are silly enough to throw him away, you will have only yourself to blame if I decide to face down you and Mother both. It would not be the first time the Prince of Andor had no title before he wed. But you won’t be that silly, so don’t try to pretend you will. No doubt you will choose the Green Ajah, and make him one of your Warders. The only Greens I know with only one Warder are married to them.

-tGH, ch 39


This suggests specifically that Rand will be Egwene's warder but she won't marry him.


  • Friday November 30th:
"Creator shelter us," she whispered.


Mat scowled. "You know, that's what Tuon said."


No idea. Obviously, they are talking about some very dire news that would be considered very dire by everybody, including Tuon. Don't know what news and don't know who Mat is talking to. Could be Moiraine, could be Egwene, could be Elayne, could by Nyn, could be any Aes Sedai really. Could be Setalle.


  • Saturday December 1st:
The right thing had always seemed clear to Galad before, but never had it felt as right as this. Those streaks of light were like indicators on a map, arrows pointing his way. The Light itself guided him. It had prepared him, placed him here at this moment.


This one is tricky too. The first thing I would say is that this is written by RJ given apparent regression in Galad's thinking about doing the right thing. Next, Galad will likely play a very important role in the Last Battle. There are various theories on the subject. Personally, I have him fitted for being a Mordred parallel but he is also a Galahad parallel and this quote might be related to that. He could be the Broken Champion from the second Dark prophecy and the above quote might also be related to this part of Leigh's review


Yeah, well, dude, what did you expect? That wasn’t bringing a knife to a gun fight; that was bringing a knife to a Global Thermonuclear Warfare fight. Sheesh. Also: Damn. That sucks.


I think this is about Galad bringing a sword to fight the DO or possibly Moridin or Shaidar Haran. Nothing good will come out of any of these encounters and Galad will likely bite the dust as a result. No other outcome can be expected in such confrontation.


  • Sunday December 2nd:
"Nobody travels the Ways," Ituralde said, aghast.


Somebody suggesting to Ituralde that they have to use the Ways to get somewhere. There is a foreshadowing that this might be necessary.


“It might have to be used without time for fetching anything,” Rand told him (elder Haman). All the Ways might have to be used, whatever the dangers. If he could cleanse them somehow . . . that was almost as grandiose as his boast to Taim that he would cleanse saidin.

--LoC, ch 21


The interesting thing is why using the Ways would be necessary. Perhaps Traveling will be compromised in some fashion beyond problems presented by dreamspikes (there is only one left).


  • Monday December 3rd:
Egwene strode around a frozen pillar of glass in her dream. It almost looked like a column of light. What did it mean? She could not interpret it.


There are some completely nutty interpretations of this one floating around such as that this is not Egwene's dream and "She" might refer to somebody else other than Egwene. This is obviously wrong but I can't say much more beyond that. Looks very cryptic.

Somebody on the Tor website spoiler thread suggested that the glass pillar of light might represent the OP and the fact that it's frozen means the access to the OP is unavailable. This can only happen temporarily (would also agree with the pillar being frozen) since we know for sure that the OP will be present past the LB. But perhaps something will happen that will make the True Source temporarily unreachable during the LB. There have been references to saidar failing wards not holding etc. This could explain why Ituralde would need to use the Ways in memory #7. It could also explain why Rand might need a Well replacing the used up Eye of the World. The latter reason is problematic however since it doesn't account for saidar which will also be needed in the Sealing. But really, this is extremely tenuous.

Basically, I got nothin' here.


  • Tuesday December 4th:
The letter was written in Mat's hand. And, Elayne noticed with amusement, the handwriting was much neater and the spelling much better in this one than the one he'd sent her weeks ago.


If this is written after Mat gets together with Tuon and she supervises his writing I'm sure it would be much neater than before. Another (very remote) possibility is that the letter is a fake.

  • Wednesday December 5th:
"And farewell to you, old friend," she said to the air. "Until I dream again."


This one might look simple but I haven't seen a completely satisfactory explanation yet. It's pretty clear that "she" is talking to the air because the person she is addressing is no longer there. Why would that be? Possibly because the scene takes place in TAR. Or it could take place in the real world and "she" is addressing a Hero of the Horn who just disappeared back to Tar after being called by the Horn. Let's list various possibilities.

  • Luckers' idea that it's Lanfear speaking to Rand sarcastically right after she balefires him. This would explain everything including the promise to meet in a dream soon (Rand is supposed to serve her before and after death according to the first Dark prophecy). But it really doesn't sound like her. There would be at least one mention of Lews Therin in there somewhere if that was Lanfear.
  • Somebody is speaking to a Hero of the Horn shortly after the LB is over and the Heroes go back to TAR. The problem is that the HoH follow the precepts and stay away from visitors once they are in TAR.
  • The only exception is Birgitte. But she doesn't fit either because the person speaking is addressing the air. If Birgitte dies she will leave a body behind and won't just vanish.
  • Elayne speaking to Birgitte in TAR after Birgitte dies. Elayne addressing Birgitte in such a formal manner? No way. And why is she speaking to the air?
  • The speaker is the one dying and it's an Aiel, in which case "until I dream again" means "until I'm reborn again". But why are they addressing air then and not a real person in this case? And why would they expect to meet whoever they are speaking to in their next life? neither makes sense.
  • The action takes place in TAR, whoever the speaker is addressing just died and their body disappeared from TAR which is why the speaker is addressing the air. But again the "until I dream again" part doesn't work whether or not the speaker is an Aiel.
  • a conversation between two characters (Siuan and Moiraine were suggested) after one of them dies normally and "until I dream again" just means an ordinary dream and neither TAR, nor a rebrith. Quite sure that's not it. This is not how things work in WoT. The phrasing is wrong too. If this were the meaning the speaker should have said "I'll be dreaming of you" or something like that or at least clarify what they meant.
  • Two people are speaking in TAR, nobody dies and one of them addresses the air because the other one is already gone. Unlikely for two reasons. First, leaving without saying goodbye is rude. The person who is no longer there should have stuck around till both people involved said their goodbyes. Secondly, the language is quite formal. It really sounds like a final goodbye and nor a regular one.

So far I can't come up with a completely satisfactory explanation for this memory. Perhaps after Birgitte dies (I'm sure she will) she comes back as a Hero of the Horn and it's somebody (Elayne?!) talking to her after she disappears back to TAR. We know that Birgitte is one HoH who doesn't mind breaking the precepts so she might actually talk to the speaker when the speaker shows up in TAR.


  • Thursday December 6th:
"One more thing, the marath'damane..."

"I'll deal with those channelers personally," Mat said.

She gawked at him as if he were insane.


Obviously, Mat is speaking to a Seanchan. It can't be Tuon or Selucia because none of them are prone to gawking. They both also know about his foxhead so would not be surprised that Mat expects to be able to deal with some channelers. My guess is that Mat is speaking to a suldam who doesn't know Mat very well. Hard to say who Mat is speaking about. The fact that he says "channelers" suggests that either he is facing a totally unfamiliar group of channelers (like Ayyad) or a mixed group like Aes Sedai and Wise Ones together. It could also mean some Dark Side forces which Mat is not able to examine closely before engaging them. They could be discussing an impending battle but it can also be something else such as a negotiation.


  • Friday December 7th:
"Enough talk. You will bed me now."


Either Avi to Rand or Tuon to Mat. The former is a little more likely IMO but either one is possible.


  • Saturday December 8th:
"We must spread the word to all of our allies," Amys said. "We must not use this weave."


Balefire is one obvious guess but I doubt that's what it is. The Wise Ones know very well that balefire is not to be used, especially after Natrin's Barrow. Also, I don't believe anybody but Aes Sedai know how to make balefire so Amys using the phrase "all our allies" would be somewaht strange. Of course, it's possible that others are taught balefire by this point in the story and the Wise Ones discover that balefire is particularly dangerous to the Pattern now, even more so than it was before. But I still suspect some other weave is meant here. Perhaps the Wise Ones have discovered that Traveling has been compromised. Possibly the weaves are failing because everything seems to be failing right now (the wards against vermin and spoilage are not holding and so on). perhaps things have been destabilized to such degree that Traveling has become dangerous for the users. Saidin Traveling involves boring a hole in the Pattern which may become too destructive given the weakened state of the Pattern. Saidar Traveling involves making two places in the pattern identical. This does not sound too destructive but perhaps it is. This might explain why using the Ways may be necessary. However, if Traveling is compromised it's not at all clear how they are supposed to spread the word to all of their allies. The scene is unlikely to take place at FOM and the forces of the Light will be spread over wide space after that. The dreamwalkers can contact others in Dream but that takes a lot of time and effort and there are only two of them left since Bair has gone to Rhuidean.


  • Sunday December 9th:
That, she replied back, is something one should never, never say to an Aes Sedai. Ever.


I would really like this snippet to be in response to something like this


Don't lie to me, old woman!


The main interesting thing here is that italic is used instead of quotation marks. This means that we are not talking about oral communication. This could be maiden's handtalk. Perhaps Avi or Amys is one of the speakers. Or it could be one of the Wise Ones speaking to Egwene in the dreamspace where they don't have bodies. They can easily say something that would piss Egwene off royally. They've done this a number of times already but she's kept her tongue for the most part so far. Tuon and Selucia also use sign language but I serously doubt it's them even if this is from after Tuon changes her mind about the damane situation (which will happen for sure). Even after this happens neither Tuon nor Selucia will know much about what should or should not be mentioned to Aes Sedai. Nobody else who might know will have enough time to learn their sign language.


  • Monday December 10th:
“It is a simple thing, to stop a man’s heart,” Cadsuane said, arms folded.


Cadsuane discussing with some Light Siders the necessity of killing Rand after he is taken over by the DO. The main thing of interest here is how Cadsuane would know that it's simple to stop a man's heart. She is bound by the Oaths and would not have any first hand experience in the matter. I doubt she's been practicing on some DF's or even on animals (that would be simply creepy). Don't know how to explain this.


  • Tuesday December 11th:
"Do not cut off your foot for fear that a snake will bite it, Perrin Aybara. Do not make a terrible mistake because you fear something that seems worse. This is all I will say on the topic."


No good idea on this one. Sounds like an Aiel or an Aes Sedai talking but no idea what the subject is. Sure hope it's not Perrin's refusal to use his wolf side again when it might be needed. But it sounds like it's something similar to that.


  • Wednesday December 12th:
"It is one of the three things which I will require of you. Your payment, to me, in exchange for my life."


Obviously, Rand stating his demands at FOM. One of the demands will be Peace. We know that. The other two? One might be about the treatment of male channelers. Few accept that saidin has been cleansed and rand is quite upset about it. Don't know what else he could ask for. It could be a short term request about the command structure for fighting in the Last Battle. He needs to secure overall command.

  • Thursday December 13th:
Fortuona ignored her, standing. "This woman is my new Soe'feia. Holy woman, she who may not be touched. We have been blessed. Let it be known."


This is quite interesting. First, whatever has happened to Selucia? She is currently both Tuon's Voice and her Truthspeaker (and her Shadow of course) but Tuon wants to keep her as a Truthspeaker and get a new Voice. Did she fall out favor? died? Also, who did Tuon ignore? Looks like it was somebody arguing with Tuon and there are not many who'd do that outside of Selucia. Who is Tuon's new Thruthspeaker? I seriously doubt it's another Forsaken or a DF. That game has been played out already. As a plot twist it would be too repetitive. My best guess is that this is after Tuon changes her mind on the damane issue. It would be fitting if her new Thruthspeaker was an Aes Sedai. An Aes Sedai advisor to a ruler in Randlands plays pretty much the same role as a Thruthspeaker for a Seanchan Empress. The fact that Tuon sees fit to reinforce the notion that the Truthspeaker is not to be touched agrees with the idea that it's an Aes Sedai. Even after Tuon changes her mind about the Aes Sedai, it may take her subjects some time to accept the change. I don't have a high degree of confidence on the identity of the Aes Sedai in question (except I'm sure it will NOT be Nynaeve as Terez thinks). It would be really cool if mistress Anan was Healed and became Tuon's Soe'feia. There is some measure of trust and understanding there already.

  • Friday December 14th:
"What did you do to your eye?"

"A little accident with a corkscrew and thirteen angry innkeepers."


The second speaker is clearly Mat but who is he speaking to? I doubt he is addressing Tuon here judging by the tone. Perhaps, Joline or Leilwin? or maybe Aludra? Could be Elayne or even Perrin. Actually, Perrin would be might first choice as it fits his speech pattern as written by BS:


"But what did he do to his hand?" Perrin asked, dispelling yet another image of Rand from his vision.

--ToM, ch 21


The interaction fits how BS writes Mat and Perrin together too.

But the problem is that if it's Perrin then the scene takes place soon after Mat gets back from the ToG and Perrin should know exactly what Mat has been about and should not ask such dumb questions. No firm guess on this one.


  • Saturday December 15th:
As Tam attacked again, Rand lifted the sword and-


No doubt about this one. It's Rand and Tam sparring. Leigh Butler had the following line in her review


And here’s Choked Up Incident #3, and over a sparring session!


I guessed right away that this was about Rand sparring with Tam and this memory confirms it. Without Leigh's review this memory would have been a lot more intriguing than it turned out to be.


  • Sunday December 16th:
And you don't feel a small measure of pride? Egwene asked herself. Rand al'Thor, once simple village boy and your near-betrothed, now the most powerful man in the world? You don't feel proud of what he's done?


Probably at FOM, after all the disagreements are patched up.





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