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From: Sign ups for the Amazing Race!




It’s that time again! Time to sign-up for The Amazing Race! The Race will start on the first day of the White Ajah Winter Carnival (January 1st) and will last for 3 weeks. You can participate by yourself or on a team of two. Please PM me or sign up in this thread if you wish to participate. When signing up, you can include your team name if you wish to have one. You can sign up until December 31, 2012. Feel free to ask questions in this thread.


Outline of how The Amazing Race will work (as described in previous years):


*Theme will be WoT based...details to come.


* Answer 1 puzzles a week. To make it fair to those in different time zones and to introduce an element of strategy to the Race bonus points will be given each week to the team who posts in a certain position. For example in a given week I might say that the 5th team to post their answer will get bonus points. There will also be a deadline at the end of the week for submitting answers.


* After you PM me your answers you will immediately go to the White Ajah board to post a response in the Race thread indicating that you have posted. (Do not post your puzzle answers here!) This way, people can watch the thread and decide when to submit their answers to try and get bonus points. Your post will be in the form of a description of how you travelled from the previous stop on the Race to the current stop. It need not be very long. For example it could be as simple as, "We caught a ship in Whitebridge just in time and travelled to Illian. We found the puzzle and submitted the answer to the Puzzle box." Or you can make it as detailed as you like. You can post several posts as a team as long as you keep the “race” moving forward.


* Points will be given for correct answers and bonus points for your position in submitting the answers.


Here's a link to last year's Race in case you want a more complete understanding of how it will work - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/66377-white-ajah-winter-carnival-amazing-race/




1. Misheru Sedai & Brandie - Team The Tower Twins

2. Ithilian & Turin - Team Blue By You

3. Time & Cyan - Team Blue Books










Source: Sign ups for the Amazing Race!



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