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You love her or hate her: Elayne, the Andoran Rose



Ok, so I'm actually one of the very few who really like Elayne and her story arcs. I'm not saying she's flawless or perfect (who in WoT is that...), but I like her. I think she's warm, caring, determined and brave. She does stupid things, yes, but in her heart she cares truly and deeply about her people and country, and she's a true Aiel at heart when it comes to protecting those close to her.


Anyhow, I'm rambling. Elayne was the easiest person for me to vizualise in my head. From the very first time we saw her in EotW, I knew how she looked like.


This is Leighton Meester, she plays Blair in Gossip Girl. She doesn't have the correct colors, but her face is perfect in my opinion. She embodies everything about Elayne, from the warmness to the royal haughtiness :P













I think the photo is the one I will use as reference, I think the expression is so good. Very Elayne. I'm torn about how I'll depict Elayne though; as Queen or as she is in her adventures around the world. Maybe I'll have to do two versions of her :biggrin: If I'll paint her as Queen, I'll draw inspiration from this dress on the right here:



I like the combination of red and green; Andoran red velvet, with green brocaded silk to showcase her Ajah. It'll need some gold accents too. But I think I'll modify it and make it more into this style of dress:


(cannot directlink)

It's a younger, fresher style of dress, while still being traditional and modest.


So that's what my Elayne will be based upon probably.



Edit; I made a quick and dirty color manip on one of the photos, to make it easier to identify her with Elayne;




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As one of those rare WoT fans who really like Elayne, I am really looking forward to this. For some reason there is very little quality artwork depicting her, at least I haven't been able to find much.


I don't recall watching Leighton Meester in anything, but from these photos she looks really close to my mental picture of Elayne, so good choice.

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Hi David! Oh I'm so happy that my blog is getting attention! ^^ Considering Gossip Girl is a very girls TV show, no suprise you haven't seen her ;P


Unfortnatley you probably have to wait a while, I'm still very fresh to this whole digital painting thing, so I still need to advance a lot more in skill before I can start my project!

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Looking forward to this as well. Another fan of Elayne and I agree with David's take above.

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Your manipulated photo looks quite close to how I imagined Elaine too, Mish - looking forward to seeing your painting of her!

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Like I've mentioned, it's a looooong way off, but if I ever get good enough to be able to do this, I think it'll be awesome ^^

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That last picture is pretty awesome, I must say. Good pick for Elayne. I sometimes forget how young she is supposed to be because of the situations she's in and how she acts.

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