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Welcome! I am going to try and read through the Steven Erikson slugfest known as Malazan: Book of the Fallen series. I had heard this is a difficult series to get into and the other times I have tried, I ended up not getting past a chapter or two (that's because I only had Book 2: Deadhouse Gates.


Now, I have Book 1: Gardens of the Moon and so I am going to give this another try. I hope to entertain a few of yall as I slog through this book with my virgin eyes.


I've read a couple chapters into Gardens of the Moon already, so I should have my first notes up shortly.



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Good luck. I've taken up the same endeavor myself, and have finished the first two novels. I have to say I think GotM is very much a "mixed bag" that left me wanting, and I really only began to connect to characters and the plot in the last fourth of the book (otherwise I just felt indifferent). DG is a far more entertaining book, and Erikson shows a lot of improvement as an author, though I'm still not bedazzled by the series.


That's only my opinion, of course. I hope your experience with GotM is much better. The plot certainly begins and moves a lot faster than in other long fantasy epic. I'm sure you're well aware that many people swear by the series.

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keep going! It is usually worthwhile. I also started with Deadhouse Gates and soon realised I had to go back to Gardens of the Moon. Even then, the structure and underlying cosmology are like nothing else, and Erikson makes no effort to make his grand plan visible - just gives you lots of hints in no particular order! Some of the books are more accessible than others, but all have lots to recommend them. I sometimes think that the series as a whole is like an explosion in reverse - starting with lots of bits flying all over the place and working through ten books to get to the bang.

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