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Tomorrow's History

Aiel Heart



Much of our lives just go by in passing. We often don't see what doesn't directly affect us. Many in America don't ever think about the soldiers that are dying overseas right now. We don't think about the children starving in remote parts of the world, or even those that go hungry in the streets of our own cities.


However, at times, there are moments that cause us to wake up. Most, if not all, people are brought together by a single event.


For the my grandfather's generation, here in America, it was Pearl Harbor. When looking back on it now, people still say this: “The one time the nation got together was World War II. We stood as one. We spoke as one. We clenched our fists as one, and that was a rare moment for all of us.”


For my generation, and that of my parents, it was September 11, 2001. I can remember exactly what I was doing. Whose class I was in, what subject we were learning, where I was in the room. The principal came on the PA and told the teachers to turn the tv on. I wasn't old enough to fully comprehend what was going on, but my heart still froze at the sight of that black smoke, those two burning towers, both in sharp contrast to the most beautiful clear blue sky...


My siblings were too young to get it at all really. They just were annoyed that all of their cartoons were suddenly gone (we didn't have cable, so all of our kid shows were on PBS and similar stations that got taken over by news). They'd play, and I'd sit with my mom, eyes glued to the TV.


There was so much death that day. So many lives lost, countless others changed for ever. It was just another day for many of them. They were just going to work, taking another flight, doing the same old thing. So many of them would never see another sunrise. Some left before they had a chance to know what was going on, others in despair, and some as heroes.


Amazing how quickly life can completely change, isn't it?


Something else that's amazing, is what happened after that. From all over, help came. Volunteer fire fighters, people sending medicine or food or clothes. For a short time, we were more focused on helping our own and saving as many lives as possible than looking for someone to blame. There are times when I am very frustrated with America, and how corrupted things have gotten, but in times like this, and after Hurricane Katrina, and after the horrible destruction in Haiti, I feel a bit of hope again. There's still some good in this country, and it can still stand together.


We live in a age that will change the very fabric of time (amazing how I didn't even mean to make a WoT reference there). There are so many big issues going on today, issues that will shape tomorrow. Landmark court cases, wars and destruction all around. Our children will learn about 9/11 in their schoolbooks, and I'll be able to say that I remember that day with remarkable clarity. History is being made before our eyes, but are our eyes open?



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This was all very beautiful ^^


Just one question


"Our children will learn about 9/11 in their schoolbooks"


What type of schoolbook would that be =)?

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Well I was referring to history books I guess. I actually saw stuff about 9/11 in a few of my high school social studies text books, so it's already there :P

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And the attack of the U.S. embassy in Libya is all over the news today. CASE AND POINT! Big things are happening all over the world right now...


Just keep praying...

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