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Guide Me

Aiel Heart



This road is twisted

The way unsure


I'd become comfortable

In a place where I feel safe

But if I'm always safe

When am I possibly growing?

But am I ready?

Is now the time?


Which way do I go?

What way is right?


It's time once more

To leap off of the edge

It's scary now

It always is

But sometimes

A chance must be taken


And so I jump...


Guide me.




I just don't know

My heart goes from feeling light

To heavier than lead

There's a constriction around my soul

But is that a sign of something?

Or is it simply my irrational fears?


I feel so lost

As I have before

I know that sometimes that has to be the way

But a tension is building

Will it lessen with time?

Or will I snap?


Guide me...





I don't trust many

I trust God,

But few people

Least of al myself


Did I choose right?

What if I made a mistake?

I tell myself to just give it time

But what if this is all wrong?


Sometimes it feels right

Sometimes I'm so happy

Other times I doubt

I'm uncomfortable

I'm tense I'm worried

I just don't know anymore...


Guide me.




So here I am

Sitting alone

So many thoughts in my head

So many other voices talking too

On my screens, in my memories

Which ones do I trust?

And what's the voice of my Heart saying?

Is it really as confused as I?

Or can I not hear it over my thoughts?


Can I really trust it this time?


God guide my heart.

Guide me...



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