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Eye of the World




*****Spoiler Alert


The theory blog has me thinking of the first book in the series. Particularly, the message relayed to several about the Eye of the World. Leafblighter intended to blind the Eye of the World and end time. Well, did Ba'alzamon or the Dark One succeed? The first book in the series highlights Rand's capacity for leadership, but also his ability to be corrupted. By the end of the book, he is believing some of the lies Ba'alzamon was speaking to him, starting him down the path of blindness that culminated in Veins of Gold. If he had remained blind, he would have accomplished the second goal of the Dark One-to end time itself.


So, did Leafblighter succeed with his stated goals in the first book of the series? Ultimately, no, but in the short-term yes if you believe that the Eye of the World may not refer to the oasis protected by the Green Man, but to Rand. He began to blind Rand and nearly had Rand end time itself at the end of TGS.



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