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From: Travel and Olympics Month: Dragonmount Olympic Games




Welcome to the first Dragonmount Olympic Games



Brought to you by the Brown Ajah and Me'areath



This will be a multi event games with awards, world records and fun. Each week one of my Aspie helpers or myself will post 4 or 5 internet games to test the skills of the people of Dragonmount. Each game will come with instructions and a challenge. The top three people to present proof of their top score will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze Siggies at the end of each week for all of you to hail as the best in their field.

There will be one or two games that last longer than a week but for the most part events are a week long.



Each game will have a specific way on which it will be judged. We will not be able to accept entries that do not meet these requirements to please read them carefully and ask via PM or on thread if you want clarification.


All games will have a deadline. These will be final and shown in a counter (GMT). So all official submissions may not be edited so that we can verify the submission time. This is to keep things fair and stop disputes.


Each person has 3 entries per event. All must be submitted using this format;

**************Official DMOG Entry**************


Image of High Score like so




The official entry line is bolded and enlarged

The image is put in a spoiler bracket because if we have a large number of images per page it will slow down peoples computers and make the thread hard to follow

To get an image all you have to do is press print screen (it's a button at the top right of your keyboard) while on the score page of your game (ill post where to find this per game. This copies your whole screen. Then just paste the image into paint, photoshop, or any other photo program and save it. (cropping the image is a good idea. It copies the whole screen and you may have personal emails open in the background or something)

Then attach the file to your post and put it between the spoiler brackets and you will have a verifiable copy of your score.


Please make submissions a separate post from general chatter


This thread is here for you to chat and compare how you are going as well as an award thread and submission thread so have fun with it

The main thing is to have fun


Good luck and have fun



Source: Travel and Olympics Month: Dragonmount Olympic Games



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