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The Lake




Well, my wait has paid off, and I went to the lake today with my brother, Papa, and Great Uncle. They took my brother and me out on the pontoon boat to go tubing, and it was so much fun! After that, they took us to get lunch at a place called Moose (weird much?) and I got pizza :biggrin:. Then we went back to go on the jet ski. Unfortunately, the jet ski that held my brother and Great Uncle didn't work right, so they had to end up going back after 5 minutes. The one with me and my Papa though, had no issues. We went 54 miles per hour, and it was AWESOME!!!! Then, since I've been wanting to drive the jet ski forever, he let me drive, and I got up to 45 mph. Then I tried to pull a doghnut going about 30, and we capsized. :blush:. My Papa couldn't get back on because of his bad knees and I felt so bad, so then I had to wave down a boat to come help us, and to be honest, it was embarrassing. After we got back on, all our weight was on one side, so we capsized again, but then we got back on and then sped off to go back to the cabin. Then we capsized yet again, and I had to pull the jet ski into it's dock and go and get my Great Uncle to help my Papa. After that, I asked if I could drive the jet ski around by myself, and they said yes!!! (Even though I'm sorta underage) So, I went about 40 mph on average, and kept circling around the mini islands, and eventually I saw a boat heading towards me an I thought "Crud" It was my Great Uncle, and he said, "It's been 40 minutes... that wasn't 'a little while.'" So, I had to go back to the cabin, but it was my first time riding by myself, and it felt AMAZING!!! :laugh:



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