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From: (Harry Potter Week) What's This? A Letter?!!!!





Oh, my - you have a letter! A rather strange looking envelope with a crest you don’t recognize and Latin writing that you cannot read. And from Hogwarts? What or who is Hogwarts?


You eagerly rip open the envelope and pull out a letter and begin to read . . ..




Dear DM Member,


You have been invited to the Blue Ajah’s Harry Potter Week. Classes and events will start on July 25 and continue through July 31 in the White Tower Social Group on the main White Tower board. Please watch for additional information via Blue Ajah Owl Post on the White Tower board as more information will soon be forthcoming for each event! Once this information is posted containing more information, including how to participate, you will be able to express your interest in the various events by signing up for them as indicated in the post.


To ensure you are fully prepared for our strenuous regimen of magical activity, we are providing a syllabus for your perusal (links will be added as they are posted).


1. Harry Potter Mafia Game (the only one Elgee allows in the WT!)


2. Potions Class


3. Owl Post/Send a Howler


4. Harry Potter Hangman


5. Harry Potter Daily Discussion


6. Professor Trelawney's Tea Leaf Reading


7. Alphabetty Wand Dueling


Professors for each event will introduce themselves to you in separate event introduction threads.


Also, in preparation for your classes/events, you will have the opportunity to be Sorted into a House. The Houses are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff . . . and Slytherin. The Sorting will take place shortly before the event starts. So keep a close eye on the White Tower's main board for the Sorting Hat to make its appearance!


In the meantime, you can find a special signature that you can wear with which to advertise the momentous occasion of the Blue Ajah’s Annual Harry Potter Week. You will find those signatures here: http://www.dragonmou...k-siggies-here/


We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Blue Ajah’s HP Week!




Professor “Daruya” McGonagall

Head(mistress) of the Blue Ajah



Source: (HP Week) What's This? A Letter?!!!!


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