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Tyler Aybara



I read today about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado and amidst the pain, anguish, and senselessness of the act of destruction that was perpetrated I found a thread in that story that touched me deeply. It was to the four men who shielded their girlfriends and, in the end, gave their lives to protect those they loved.


It's hard sometimes in today's world to think of anyone but yourself. Social media drives a narcissism that seemingly feeds on itself which can manifest in us asking "What about me?" "What do I get?" A constant concern about the individual and its need to assert itself, for self preservation that seems to happen at greater and greater frequency.


What these men did flies in the face of all of that. They did what they felt was right, they, naturally, without hesitation, shielded those they loved. They sought to protect and preserve that which they held so dear that even their very lives were worth forfeiting.


What I found written in those stories and in the emotional interviews of those they saved and loved, was the very best that humanity has to offer, the naturally nobility that, for all of humanity's faults, vices, flaws, and corruptions, to me, makes me love the human race.


The hurt and vacuum that these men, and all of the victims, have left is a hole in the fabric of life that cannot be mended, yet around these holes, beauty and love can still grow. A testament to sacrifice made on an inconspicuous night in Colorado.


All I can hope is that should I be in such a situation I show such bravery. We do not know what is beyond the veil of inevitable eventuality that all must stride through. No person is certain. So what we have is the here and the now to live and love and be good to one another and, if need be, to sacrifice all that we know so that others may have a chance to continue on and to let the warmth of love shine ever brighter.



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