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Aiel Heart



So much going on!


First off, I've been rather sick the last couple of days. My that's been sore and my head's been swimmy. Yesterday it hurt to talk even and I ended up going to the doctor. She said there's some virus going around and all that I really needed was rest. Today's better; I went to bed comparatively early last night (but still only got around 5 hours of sleep--will explain that later) and can talk again today!


On to dm (where the excitement is held):


Those of you in the White Tower SG know that we've had a whole flock of raisings in the last couple of days! The April/May class has graduated (it was really funny btw, if you're a WT member and haven't looked at it yet, go look!), none of them chose Warder, unfortunately, but ALAS we shall carry on!!!


Many Novices were raised to Accepted, including my dear Ayla, whom was my first pup over in the Wolfkin.


On to the most exciting!!!! So on the morning of the 20th, Leelou's Raising to Aes Sedai began. Both of her sponsors spoke yesterday, but unfortunately, by the time both of them had spoken, Mother was no longer on, so the ceremony's continuation had to wait.

Meanwhile, I fulfilled my last requirement to get raised to Der'Manshima--I applied to the Cuen'd'eren Discipline and was accepted (Firebird told me absolutely nothing about what would happen in that ceremony btw). Right after that I summoned up the nerve to not be chicken asked Mills if he'd be one of my sponsors--and he said he would! I wasn't completely certain who I wanted my other sponsor to be, but I'd limited it down to a few candidates. I decided to make the decision in the morning and went to bed around... I want to say it was between 10:30 and 11:30.

Leelou woke up around 3 this morning and said her oaths (Mother was also on).

I woke up around 4:15, and had this strange urge to get on dm. I decided I should try to sleep though. At this very moment, Tigara was giving Leelou her Yellow shawl.

I gave up around 4:45, logged on to dm to a good number of announcements and a couple of PMs, so it took me a little while to realize that Leelou's ceremony was over. I was the third one to post after Tigs put the shawl around her shoulders >.>

Unable to sleep, I got on fb, say Ed was on and officially decided that I wanted to ask him if he'd be my other sponsor. I summoned the guts, asked him, and he also said yes. I pmed Fnorrll, Fnorrll got the thread up and both Ed and Mills spoke.

Now I just need to take my Oaths, which may or may not be happening today >.> I am waiting for the official go-ahead.

So it looks like me and Leelou might not be raised on the same day, but oh well.

It was hard to say goodbye to Ospenya. I've become attached to that imaginary room....


Other than that, I'm the next one to get Named in the Wolfkin (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY), we are down to the last 5,000 in the 100,000 posts thread in the BT, and then there's some other stuff I can't talk about yet!!!


Other than that, got the bunny area thoroughly cleaned today (scrubbing out with the soapy water and then the bleach and all of that blechy stuff) and now I'm off to work for a couple of hours.


Happy busy exciting day!!!!!





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