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About me 2.0




Greetings everyone! I'm Darthe and I am really a 20 year old psychology student living in western North Carolina. I have a wonderful relationship and am generally a pretty happy person. When I was four I half taught myself to read because I really wanted to find out what was on the inside of The House of the Seven Gables and fantasy/fiction have been my favorite form of story since. I made fairly good grades though school and when I was in eigth grade I was asked to become a part time college student in a new program called the Early College system. I did so and got my associates degree a year ago when I graduated high school. While in the program I started playing guitar, which I found I had a true knack for. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, as I find that there is nothing that I can't share through the melodies that I sometimes make. I have also always been a pretty avid gamer. Between reading, guitar, gaming, and my relationship I stay fairly busy (which I prefer). That said, I also managed to find time to work as a blacksmith for two summers, to DJ for a year, and to take care of horses. I am beginning to write more often and hope to have my own book out someday.


The reason I was inspired to start writing was that I walked into a book store one day, bored out of my mind, and asked one of the workers if they would recommend a book to me the first book that was given to me was The Eye of the World. To be honest, I majorly judged it by it's cover and almost didn't buy it. Needless to say, I am beyond happy that i did! Once I finished it I voraciously read and reread the others several times until I could run through most of the story in my head. When I wanted to find the end of the series I came online and discovered two things; I found out that RJ had passed away about a month before I started reading his series and I discovered that WoT has one of the most devoted fanbases of any series. After being uninvolved here for a few years, I decided to join while reading the cage matches and am really enjoying it so far.


One other thing you should know about me, I am driven by the connections I have with people and by my interests. I tend to get bored quickly with everything but people, but the things I mentioned above have managed to keep my interest as well. Because of how much I value relationships in my life I decided to not only become a Psychologist, but also to join a Fraternity. It is not a "frat" and I am not "fratty". As an organization, the fraternity that I am involved in called Theta Xi supports the MS foundation and Habitat for Humanity. Theta Xi is a no-hazing organization. I love the friends and brothers I have gained. I wouldn't trade that connection.


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Wow xD You're a busy ant =P (compliment)


Pleased to meet you, looking forward to read your book in the future ;)


By the way, when you were working as a blacksmith, what kind of things did you do ????? I'm fricken curious!

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