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Every year, the Red Ajah organises a big event centered around the international event of International Woman's Day in the real world. Last year we extended the event to two weeks in honour of the 100th birthday of this event and this year we've decided to go with two weeks again. Simply because we have lots in store for you and want to give it the full attention that it deserves.


Each year, the IWD chooses a theme around which to center the event which people and organisation, institutions and groups can organise their own local events around the world. You can view what people come up with all around the world on the International Woman's Day website.


The theme for 2012 is: Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.


The Red Ajah has prepared a series of activities for you to join in and share and we hope you will do exactly that. 9 activities do we have in store for you, of which 5 will be posted on the White Tower public boards (that's this board) and 4 will be posted on the Red Ajah board. Any DM member that wants to can participate in the events on the WT board, and we really would love to have you join us even if you are not a WT member. It would be great if you could nudge your friends to join up too, as there can't be enough people aware of the struggles that are still very much alive today for equal rights and opportunities for women around the world. The threads that will go up on the Red Ajah will be for WT members only, as only they are privvy to that board. But we will keep you all informed of the outcome of those events at the end of the two weeks.


So what do we have in store for you?


There will be a series of discussions centered around this year's theme. These are non-spam threads but the atmosphere will be casual organised. The Discussion Mistresses will keep you all on track by directing the conversations so that no one ends up wondering what it's all about.


No Red Ajah event is ever complete without its entertainment and we have a few fun activities in store for you. 4 games and 2 art activities will go up in the coming days and we encourage everyone to take part in them. Some may be quite challenging (we have a Brown organising a particularly interesting crossword puzzle) and it will be interesting to see how far you get in these games.


A list of the threads to the individual events will be posted in this post right here below the text, so you all can find your way around easily.


Now, without delaying any further.... Let the Games Begin!



Note: do not reply to this blog, but follow the links below to participate in the fun!




List of activities



Source: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S WEEK - welcome all!

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