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e-book cover art

Aiel Man Can



I am trying to produce a series of mock up e-book covers,for practice and fun.


Obviously I can’t do too many with my own name and chosen title without looking a little megalomaniac. So could I have some suggestions for spoof titles, names and story synopsis? Silly is ok, but please nothing too crazy. I’ll happily do fan art, especially WOT fan art; why elsewould I post this? It will be a better exercise to have someone else pick the sceneand a lot more fun.



Here is an example of a Sci-Fi cover I did recently,







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Curious to what medium you plan on using, paint, sketch, PhotoShop, etc.


I would probably like to see a cover that gives a nod back to DKS' Eye of the World where they are all riding out of the Two Rivers. I don't know if it makes since for the new book since everybody is scattered. At least something with Rand, Mat and Perrin coming together.

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Photoshop using a bunch of different brushes using the lassoand circular marquee tool to constrain them to create the planet andclouds. Then I added the lightning by using the gradient tool trick. I tried using a star field generator but inthe end I painted them in. I then played around with the colour settings tillit looked ok. Then I converted it all to 16 colours.


I agree about the first book and the epic night ride out ofthe Two Rivers. I’ll have to have a look at the how comics tackled that. Thoughit would be quite cool to do a close up of Bella’s eye with a Draghkar reflected in it, that wouldtough winged men tend to look bad unless you are a god at anatomy.


I could even do both! I better get sketching Draghkar and horses.



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I'd like to see Rhuidean - maybe Moiraine or Avienhdha looking speculatively at the three rings deciding whhich to choose in DR, or Mat and Rand wandering among the ter'angreal.

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I would love to see a mock cover with Bela or some other minor character like Valan Luca portrayed like some big hero, and that would be the title, and there'd be some mock tagline written with a straight face. Does any of this make sense? I'm having difficulty translating the vision in my head to writing.


"The Mare Rides On..." BELA


Okay, here's another idea. Pick some random location and make a big deal out of it that hints at some big story, like "Some things are best kept secret...THE NINE HORSE HITCH: THE DURANDA THARNE STORY"

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I like the idea of 'a mock tagline written with a straight face'. RJ was a southern writer, perhaps dead mules could be used, to make the whole deal look like a western, fonts and all.

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I like the idea of 'a mock tagline written with a straight face'. RJ was a southern writer, perhaps dead mules could be used, to make the whole deal look like a western, fonts and all.



Yes, my thought exactly, mock titles written with a straight face! Thanks for putting that out more eloquently. Dead mules would certainly be a tip of the hat to RJ. I could see it:


Dead Mule Gulch


'cause the living don't come 'round these parts no more.


EDIT: I totally just realized the phrase "mock tagline written with a straight face" was actually what I wrote earlier. Wow I'm tired.


EDIT EDIT: I really DO now want to read the Duranda Tharne Story.

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