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Thinking of shutting this down

Basel Gill


Okay, for the last few months, I've been blogging my thoughts on Lord of Chaos, and ASOIAF before then. I think I may have to quit doing so. It's turned out the blogging has begun eating too much into the actual act of reading. After I read a chapter, I sit there with the book open before me, looking for the things I meant to mention, and then I type it up... slowly. I wind up spending more time surfing through DM and waiting for updates on Facebook than I do typing up a blog entry. In the meantime, I would have signed off an hour ago if it weren't for my plan to write in my blog on any given night. Much of the time, I would have spent that hour reading.


Instead, I have been on the same book since the end of September. That's way slower than my normal reading speed. I have taken that long to read books before, but generally that is just ones that are uninvolving. WoT has been anything but for me so far. I need to concentrate more on the actual act of reading. And two and a half months on one novel is too slow, especially when I've set myself a goal of completing the series in time to attend Jordancon 2013. Jordancon 2012 seemed out of the question, but 2013 seemed doable until the last few weeks. I'd just as soon not have to wait meeting the DM community for a year beyond that. If anything has to go, the blog is what's slowing me down. Thanks to everyone that has been watching this, and for your input to what I've had to say. It's been fun doing this.


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I'll miss your musings but it's probably the best choice. Typing such lengthy commentary while trying to experience a novel? That doesn't seem like the best combination. So get reading and enjoy yourself. I hope to see you posting around the forums.

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Lord of Chaos is also notoriously slow even without distractions I find (or at least it's one of the first Wheel of Time books I read to have a fairly slow pace for most of it). No worries, dude! I like the blogs though, feel free to post anything you feel like concerning whatever books you read!

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Mordaunt, I don't know who you were thinking of, but you couldn't have been following me from EotW. I only began posting my thoughts with AGOT, followed with ACOK, and the only WoT book I posted thoughts on was LoC. I was already on TFoH when I first joined DM.

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