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READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aiel Heart



Forgive me for yelling it's going on 2 am here and the only thing keeping me awake is this odd crazy energy :P


Ok, cool idea, and I think you older members will like it even more than I do


I'm REALLY new as far as dm goes. Yet it already seems like I've been here forever. And in my short time here, I've seen plenty of members disappear.


Here's my idea: The week or month or whatever that AMoL comes out, a few things happen


1) we have a mega super theme week party that includes and spans across EVERY social group


2) all of you who keep in contact with someone who has "fallen away"--drag them back just for this party :D


I'm trying to think of a theme that would be fitting, but in some ways... Just WoT in general would be. Have different games and cultures and characters and other activities all getting notice everywhere on dm... I can develop that more sometime when I'm not half asleep. But... Imagine a dm-wide party....


A staff member can coordinate it.... Or I can if they don't want to...


The guide thread could be in the general discussion board, and basically everyone would just get to meet people outside their social groups, meet members that they've been hearing stories about for ages, and maybe some of those oldies will come back to stay.


I just think that the last book of the series calls for something special to celebrate.





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Ahhhh... lightbulb soo briiight...*full meaning hits*


*gasps in amazement* Yesthatwouldbeawesome!!!


I mean, I've only been here for a year-ish, but it sound cool!

I could help out if there was to be such an event!



O.o ...planning would have to start soon for a thing that big...

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its main purpose is to give people a place to discuss the WoT books and hang out. Why would that end with the series?


And this is a great idea, but a MASSIVE logistical headache...

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Hmmmmmm... I never had the impression that the forums were only meant to be around till the end of the series. I suspect the RP side will continue and there would be no reason for the community side to disappear. Some parts of the forum are dependent on the books not being finished yet but that's just a small part... I'm sure there'll be much to discuss when the series is done... maybe even more than before.


Interesting idea Heart! :happy:

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I'm still developing ideas so I can go to staff people with a full plan for that little party.


I hope the sg side doesn't go away!!!! I live there!!!!!!!

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I think that the WOT community will have some staying power. After allit has weathered the sad death of RJ and adopted Brandon. There are multiplecons for JRR Tolkien which should give everyone cause for optimism.




Also DM is a private enterprise isn't it? I don't think it gets fundingfrom TOR or the Jordan estate.


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