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Little Wonders

Aiel Heart



They're really all around us. We just don't ever slow down to notice them anymore. To "stop and smell the roses."


But I've been noticing them a lot lately. My campus has a lot of green on it (and by that I mean we have some very good landscapers who take care of many rose bushes and flowers and such all around campus) and lately it just looks so beautiful. There are these two berry trees that make a canopy over a path that I walk under nearly every day. They're always pretty, but the way they are changes. Right now they're red from all of the berries and look beautiful.


I notices yesterday how the leaves were just dotting the sidewalk, and it looked picture perfect.


Marsha (one of my squirrels) came right up to me the other day. We have very friendly squirrels here.


But these wonders aren't only in nature. Isn't it great that there are still guys who will wait at the door an extra 10-15 seconds to hold it open for a gal they see coming? (Guys, WE NOTICE AND LIKE CHIVALRY ...as long as you're not trying to carry my bag for me.... :P )


There's a song called "It's America" that kinda focuses on these little miracles that still exist.


Ha. Almost forgot about the little wonder that inspired this. BABIES :P I love babies. They're so cute and tiny and fragile and they take my breath away. Here's a new little life with all of the promise of the future. I hope I'll get to be a mom one day... Hold my own child in my arms...


Well, have to go get ready for tutoring (speaking of wonders... Well will ramble about tutoring some other time!)





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