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Lord of Chaos, Chapter 13-15

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Basel Gill


Chapter 13 (Under The Dust): This one was kind of frustrating for Nyn and Elayne. More Aes Sedai arrogance they have to deal with. Nyn has to deal with Theodrin's attempts to break her anger block, and this isn't all that bad (aside from getting a bucket of water dumped on here and then getting into a fistfight, it isn't that bad). She does want to break the block, after all, and realizes that she has to do what it takes. Still, Theodrin has a superior attitude about her, and this from a woman who, remember, isn't fully raised. Elayne gets worse. She has to deal with a Brown sister who is convinced she is able to construct a ter'angreal when she isn't even close. I bet she thinks that if Elayne, as a mere Accepted, can do it, then any full Aes Sedai can. Arrogant? Yup. Then she has to deal with another full Sister who winds up burning herself nearly to death. And then she has to teach a novice class. Oh, joy. One novice is a grown woman who loves to grouse about having to take orders from a girl. Bad enough that they should have arrogance from those ranked above them, but below them? Never mind that this "girl" is Accepted, Novice Keatlin, and you're not. Never mind that this "girl" also happens to be the Daughter Heir of Andor, for that matter. And then Faolain, another one of those halfway Accepted/Aes Sedai (the Salidar Aes Sedai really need to come up with a name for the new rank!!), decides that she has to throw her weight around. If I were Nyn, Elayne, or Egwene during her time in Tar Valon before heading to the Waste, I would have likely lost my temper with Faolain a long time ago. This one thought her sweat didn't stink even when she was still Accepted. I wouldn't be surprised to find that she thinks herself superior to most of the fully raised Sisters in Salidar, and Tar Valon too. Moghedien is badgering the two of them endlessly to go to Caemlyn. Here's a really good question: what's in Caemlyn that Mogs wants to go there? Is it to get closer to Rand for some Forsaken plot? Or is she just looking to get away from the Aes Sedai who could execute her at any given moment? Nyn thinks it sounds like a great idea, to get away before Mogs is found out, which would put her and Elayne in trouble. It still seems to them that the Salidar Sisters will reunite with Elaida's bunch; Nyn and Elayne must find a way to convince them otherwise and get them to back Rand. So they go into dreamland and find a dusty room in the Tower... no clue why they wind up there. Then they find themselves in Ebou Dar and find a bowl of some kind or other. And it looks like it could fix the weather. Which would be really good on its own. But what's in the room in the basements of the White Tower that's so important?


Chapter 14 (Dreams and Nightmares): So here we have Egwene in dreamland. She's been doing some snooping around in dreamland Tar Valon on her own, and even goes out of her way to avoid Elayne and Nyn. Now that's weird, why wouldn't she trust the other two? Is she listening to the Aiel Wise Ones so much that she no longer trusts any Aes Sedai, evn though she is an Accepted herself? Not to mention that as far as the Wise Ones know, she is a fully raised Sister. (That's gonna get out sooner or later.) So to get away from the two women you would think she would trust, she goes off eavesdropping on other peoples dreams. She thinks she can't even go around Tar Valon in her dream anymore at all, as she keeps running into strange women who seem to be Aes Sedai to her. One is undoubtedly Leane, and the other is Siuan, I bet. Except Egwene doesn't recognize either one of them. She has never seen them after their stilling, so she has no clue what they look like without the agelessness. Among all the regular dreams she sees is Gawyn's, and she gets sucked in, to find him dreaming about her. It would seem that Gawyn is hopelessly in love with her, and dreams of rescuing her from a Rand-monster, and then winning her heart. So Gawyn hates Rand? Is it just jealousy over Egwene? Or is it the whole Dragon Reborn thing, and Gawyn sees Rand as dangerous, just like all male channelers?


Cut to Nyn in Salidar as a bubble of evil hits. Chaos ensues. The Aes Sedai are set in their belief that this was a Forsaken attack as they wander around fixing things. One of Elayne's novices has a foretelling. Some of it makes sense and sounds like Elayne, Aviendha, and Min all tied to Rand, and the return of the Seanchan. The rest, I'm not sure what it means.


Chapter 15 (A Pile of Sand): Egwene wakes up disturbed to say the least. Not just from her time inside Gawyn's dream, but from the dreams she has herself that came afterward. Some of them make no sense. But a few can be understood. Perrin, with a hawk on one shoulder and a falcon on the other. Obviously the falcon represents Faile. As for the hawk, I'm not sure. Could that be Berelain? The sign of Mayene is a hawk, and she did try to seduce Perrin a couple of books ago. Elayne, Aviendha, and Min sitting in a circle around Rand, each one putting a hand on him. I bet that refers to Min's viewing that Elayne, Min, and some other woman, whom I'd suspected was Aviendha (but Min didn't know) for some time now, will fall in love with him. Rand, walking toward a burning mountain. Either it's the Dark One's Bore at Shayol Ghul, or Rand is gonna be the Ringbearer in a Wheel of Time/Lord of the Rings crossover event, and he's headed for Mount Doom. Maybe Rand can balefire Gollum before Gollum gets to be too much of a nuisance. One where Rand leads a pack of male channelers in the destruction of Cairhien, and they enjoy themselves. Rand's amnesty to male channelers must give her the willies. Well, until Rand manages to cure the taint, it gives me the willies too. And that's assuming Rand is even able to cure the taint! Rand hasn't seemed to take enough precautions against the basic fact that until and unless he can find a cure, at any moment, one of Taim's pupils (or Taim himself) could go wacko and destroy everything. Egwene talks with the Wise Ones after she wakes up The Aiel society is being wildly changed by the events in the last couple of books. Some gai'shain are refusing to quit being gai'shain when their time is done. Some Aiel are refusing to believe in Rand ad the Car'a'carn and defecting to the Shaido. Some are just disappearing altogether. She manages to get an explanation for how she got sucked into Gawyn's dream and couldn't escape without letting on that she has been snooping in dreamland. The Wise Ones have been meeting Sheriam's cabal in dreamland without Egwene, and the Cabal has been taking an unusual interest in her, wondering how long until they are allowed to see her, and even accusing the Aiel of keeping her prisoner. More Aes Sedai arrogance as the Sisters still have trouble accepting the basics of how the dreamland works. Carlinya gets scarlet puffers all over the inside of her dress, but never thinks to imagine them gone. Why are the Salidar Aes Sedai, or at least Sheriam and her inner circle, so interested in what's up with Egwene? She's only an Accepted, just like Nyn and Elayne. And thus far, they don't seem capable of taking Nyn and Elayne seriously, no matter how many wondrous discoveries those two put forth. Their disdain here seems to me to be based on Nyn and Elayne's relative youth and lower rank, both of which also apply to Egwene. So why is it so important that Salidar get a hold of Egwene? I feel sure that if Egwene was put in contact with them, either in the flesh or in the dream world, that they wouldn't respect anything she might have to say or do.


Cut to Nyn and Elayne in Salidar. Tarna is sent packing back to the White Tower, miffed that she has been unable to convince the rebels to come back to Tar Valon. Nyn and Elayne tell the Cabal about the weather bowl and ask for leave to go to Ebou Dar and search for it. Elayne casually mentions in a bald-faced lie that the bowl needs a man and a woman channeling to make it work to make them think they need Rand. One thing that gets mentioned here is the differences between the Cabal and the Hall in Salidar. At first, I thought that Sheriam had managed to get her inner circle installed as the Salidar Hall, but they aren't the same thing. Actually, it sounds like the Hall in Salidar has very little power compared to Sheriam and company. The Cabal refuses to send them to Ebou Dar, and instead decides to send a letter to the Sister they already have sent as an envoy there. Nyn, predictably, blows up. She blasts the lot of them for being all talk and no action, not to mention scared of the Black Ajah and the Forsaken and Rand as well, and so paralyzed by fear that they don't do anything. Nyn just isn't happy unless she has something to disapprove of. Granted, she seems to be accurate in her analysis here, but a little tact would have helped. Tact isn't a word that's in Nyn's dictionary. So the two of them get assigned to scrub pots. Worse, Faolain gets assigned to watch them and make sure they don't sneak off (which they're going to try and do sooner or later, I bet). And Faolain gripes and complains the whole time about how this is taking her away from whatever she is working on, which she makes sound important. How both of them have resisted the urge to smack Faolain all this time is beyond me. Cut to Sheriam talking with some of her circle. Rand does scare them. It's mentioned that less than two dozen Aes Sedai know what's going on. So there's a plot afoot.

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Rereading your summaries reminds me how badly some people remember the early politics among the rebel Aes Sedai. Jordan was pretty clever.

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