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Eragon(Book) Review Part 1

Xamol Na



Okay, I'm going to split this review down into several parts so that I'm not here forever.






Eragon is a young farmboy who finds a pretty blue stone in a forest. He takes it home and it hatches a dragon. He names the dragon Saphira. A disaster happens and he runs away from home with an old man named Brom. Brom trains Eragon is swords and sorcery. They follow the trail of people they're hunting(who work for this book's Evil Lord) and find some incriminating evidence. They go to Teirm and visit Brom' friend where they meet a fortune teller and a werecat. Eragon get's his future told by both. They leave, are ambushed, Eragon uses too much power and collapses. Has a dream of a mysterious woman.


They travel to another big city. Are found by the ones they are hunting and run for their lives. They are captured and rescued. Brom dies, Eragon is joined by Murtagh. Eragon get's captured and imprisoned. Meets a Shade called Durza. Sees the mysterious woman in the same prison. Murtagh rescues Eragon, they both rescue the woman who is an elf(epic gasp!) They run away. Eragon read's the elf's mind. She's called Arya and is going to die in a matter of days. They run for it. They head for the rebel forces, Murtagh doesn't want to; Eragon makes him anyway. They get in, Murtagh is imprissoned. Eragon blesses a child. Fortune teller and cat are all the way over here aswell. There is an epic battle. Eragon kills Durza but is badly wounded. Fortune teller heals his body. A strange presence contacts him mentally and heals his mind.


The end.


Or is it...?




Carrying on; if you did not heed my spoiler tag and have had the story ruined for you don't blame me; YOU WERE WARNED.


Okay...so, Eragon. I have a lot to say on this one both good and bad. Before I start actually reviewing it I will say that I do like this story. I'm just good at being critical haha.


Things I love in this story:


1. Characters

2. Concept

3. History and Mythology

4. Dragons

5. Magic


Things I HATE about this story:


1. Characters

2. It all get's very "Star Wars"

3. The "bad guys"

4. The Ancient Language

5. Magic


I do realise that I have things on both lists and they'll probably grow when I actually get around to writing them up properly haha.


So, next time...I'll go with the BAD STUFF haha.


I'll also be reviewing the movie aswell *shudder*





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