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And Now... It's Tomorrow

Aiel Heart



Sorry kinda bored right now.


You know, Tristan actually answered when I texted him last night. It's the first time since I saw him on Monday. He can't take the emotional stuff but if something's physically wrong with me he's there making sure I get better. It's interesting.


Kinda annoying too though. I have a little headache and he bugs me as much as he can to get me to take motrin.


Still... Shows he does care some. I know that if something serious happened he would be there as quickly as possible and probably wouldn't leave my side.


He just can't take it... *Sigh* I know why he is the way he is, and I understand why he responds the way he does when I lash out, but... Still is frustrating.


He used to be able to admit when he'd done something wrong and would apologize and stuff, and try to make it better. These days it's either all my fault or he just doesn't care. His standards for himself are just so low... I know he can be better I've seen it!!! Just hard to help him when I'm not entirely secure myself. There's so much hurt there.... I want to help heal it.... I'm trying to fix it....



We lost at broomball tonight. I was still not feeling 100% and a few members of our team didn't show. *Sigh* oh well there's always next week!!!! The good news is I know my new knee pads work now!!!


My class went well this morning. Did I talk about that already? This is my 3rd blog "today"..... I think I did. One of the girls drew a picture for me. It's of a cherry blossom tree at night. It makes me smile :)


My youngest brother gave me a bracelet with hearts when I went home. Wear it all of the time now. Can't wait for winter break.... I'm soooooo not in the mood for studying.... that has really got to change. Going to get some done tomorrow though!!!! Have to. Or things might get ugly......


Had a.... Cleansing moment tonight. Haven't felt quite like that in a few years now. It was nice. Everything just.... Was so peaceful and still and happy and.... It wasn't the bright sunny kind is was the soft candlelit kind.... (That probably makes no sense you y'all but it does to me!!!)


I've needed that :) Just a quiet calm cozy cleansing peace.....



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