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Aiel Heart



Shockingly, I'm in a really good mood today, despite that I was up most of the night feeling sick, didn't get much sleep, had to walk in the rain a ton this morning, my feet have blisters all over, and I was nearly late for the class that I teach. It's still a good day.


I feel like the class went pretty well. I'm still new to teaching so I'm trying to learn to time things and do things that will keep the kids interested. I feel like I'm doing alright. My "assistant" helps a ton


I have so much reading to do today. Meh. My head hurts. Will at least do some of it though. A half hour of reading, a half hour on the computer, half hour of reading, half hour of reading for fun... Should work out alright....


I've been having sooooo many WoT related dreams lately. Two nights in a row now. Don't remember them very well half of the time.


I got breakfast food today. This is very yay. Going to have a salad in a bit. Food is so good. I don't eat much now that I'm at college.


I HAVE BROOMBALL TONIGHT!!!! I just remembered!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to get covered with bruises but I'm going to have fun doing it!!! At least I have knee pads now. That should help some.


Rain is good when it's warm, or when you don't have to go anywhere. I hope it stops raining in the next few hours. I'm going to have a 15ish minute walk to church, 15ish minute walk back to my dorm, and then a 8ish minute walk to the ice rink (and then back). Plus I have a 7 minute walk back to my dorm to do in a bit :P silly cold rain.


I've been playing mine craft a lot. Have nearly died a few times already, and have gotten very lost too :P MEEEEEH


I feel like playing that now. Random rambles done



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My computer started to die so I freaked out and closed without saving by accident... Oh well now I know what to not do this time around


And ended up getting no work done today. My grades are going to plummet soon


I love rambling. And I'm very good at it. Comes in handy when writing papers. I have the gift of being able to babble and make it all seem important :D

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hehehe.. nice. Bet you've been worried..

Anyway, just started reading your blog and am finding it very similar to my life, except I'm at Primary school and I don't even know what boomball is...

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It's similar to hockey, except we wear shoes (on the ice), are not required to wear padding (and usually only wear light knee and elbow pads if we do) but do wear helmets, have different sticks, and use a big foam ball :P

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