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Breathe In.... And Out......

Aiel Heart



Ok, I'm going to start on a sorta low note then end with all of the happy stuff. And I'm also going to kinda breeze through this more than normal because I'm actually kinda tired already :P


So I saw Tristan. Things went pretty well until the end. Then we kinda had a fight and he was just angry and had a wall up against me but I get part of the reason of why he was angry so that isn't upsetting me as much as it might be. I let out some of the stuff I've been wanting to say, and am feeling kinda light about it. It remains to be seen whether any of what I said actually made it through the wall and mattered to him (he can be very indifferent when angry) but maybe. Things felt somewhat better right at the end... Not sure


If I don't end up with him, life goes on. Maybe there'll be someone else, or I'll be happy in some other way.


Things just are... Lighter, when he's around though. Everything seems so much fuller.


Still though, life goes on.


Well anyway, rewind to the rest of my fabulous day.


Quite a few good things happened. First off, I just lazed about in bed most of the day. Very relaxing and nice.


Next, and most importantly, I'M A WOLFMOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited. I hope I'm a good mentor and all. Hope things pick up in the wolfkin for her. It's been really quiet around there lately but we can hope!!! I'm so excited. That made my week :P


Another good thing was CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!! They just make everything amazing.


Also, I'm going to probably be getting mine craft tomorrow!!! Yippee!!!! I watched a friend (Tristan actually) play it for a while and will probably be able to play it myself soon!!! It looks like fun, though I'll probably get rather addicted.... Uh-oh :P


And also, just saw a lot of threads that made me laugh today.


Just was a nice relaxing happy today. Tomorrow I'll have some work to do though.


In anticipation of that, goodnight :)



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Guest Nyanko_Susu


congratulations to your wolfmotherhood!


i think you'll be a great mentor. :wink:

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