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The JordanCon Fundraiser




So I feel incredibly weird about the fundraiser we launched this weekend. I think it'll make me feel better if I write a little here about how this came about.


JordanCon does not make money. It doesn't even break even on it's expenses. The shortfall has to be made up, and my husband and I have never wanted to burden the convention with debt. That's a fast way to choke all future growth. So we have paid the difference from our own pockets each year. In good years, when we both were working and making decent money we could do it. It meant forgoing fancy vacations, or not buying new dining room furniture for a few years, but I'd never consider those sacrifices when JordanCon brings so much pleasure to so many. It's a burden we were glad to bear.


Then I was laid off from my job. Then my husband had to take an unpaid leave of absence from his job to be at his father's side as he died from cancer. And we still had to pay for JordanCon. We managed it, but it hurt. Neither one of us likes to talk much about how much of our personal money we've sunk into JordanCon over the years, so I'm not going to quote numbers at you. But I think everyone would be astounded at how much money a convention can bleed in just a couple years.


So when Brandon Sanderson approached us about doing a fundraiser to benefit JordanCon, of course I said yes. I won't lie, I nearly cried when he did that. I still might at some point. JordanCon is such a special, special thing to so many people. Did you know only three authors have conventions dedicated to them? JordanCon puts Robert Jordan in the same company as Terry Pratchet and JRR Tolkien. We're an important part of his legacy. This fundraiser ensures that we will be able to continue JordanCon after the series is completed and continue to be the place for old and new fans of the series to meet and mingle every year.


Anyways, if you still feel weird about donating to JordanCon, please note that 10% of the money raised will be donated to the Mayo Clinic, where Jordan received treatment, and in Jordan's honor. We've established a tradition of giving to the Mayo Clinic as part of our convention and it feels only right and natural to continue that now.


You can find information on the fundraiser here: http://www.jordancon.org/content/memory-light-naming-rights-jordancon-and-mayo-clinic



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So what are the details on the fundraiser? I'm not seeing any donation links on the J-con website, or any date and place info for a real-life fundraising event.

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We're not set up to do that online, but you aren't the first person to ask me that. You can send payments directly to finance@ageoflegends.net or mail checks payable to JordanCon, Inc to



P.O Box 767353

Roswell, GA 30076


But you should donate to the fundraiser! Get something for your money!

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