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I'm Alive!




Hey all, been a rough couple of months for me.


First, my laptop finally died (was old), and I had a new one ordered and delivered. Got it all set up and was about to start the blogs back when we got word of Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately, I got stuck right in the middle of things and my brand new laptop was ruined. I've since gotten a replacement and all is good now.


Oh, and we were in the process of getting ready to move, which we have successfully done now. So after all that, I think I've had enough problems for the year and I should be good to continue with the blogs if there is anyone left looking for these things. I know it's been a while, so I'm not going to be surprised if there's no one that even notices this!


In the off chance someone does, I have finished A Crown of Swords, and about halfway through The Path of Daggers. A LOT has happened. If people still do want me to continue, I'll figure the best way to catch everyone back up.


Hope everyone is doing well!



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YAY! Sorry to hear about all that, glad you're doing alright. If you just want to post one big review of ACoS and PoD up to where you are, go ahead. I'm sure we'll all be reading it.

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We've been waiting anxiously to hear from you - was hoping you hadn't just gotten bored and left us hanging! Sorry to hear you were impacted by Irene :P


Speaking for myself, I'd read it however you decided to post it! :wheel:

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Glad to hear you're able to continue your blogs, though I'm sorry to hear you were through such a rough time there. I missed the updates as they sparked lots of memories of the series (and I haven't read any of the books since last year I think.) I look forward to hear your reactions to some of the great moments in the books you mentioned :)

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Yo man...I have been checking daily on the community blogs hoping some day that your blog might pop up. Well now that you are here, fire away from where you left off. :mat:

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Glad to hear that you are safe at least. :smile:


Sure we'll read your thoughts on the books however you think is best to catch things up.

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Just fyi, still working on it. Haven't had time the last two days with having to coach high school football, but I'm hoping to get something in tonight/tomorrow.

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