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Aiel Heart



Mwahahaha I have a blog now. I've never had one before so I'm just kinda gonna be figuring things out. This isn't going to be a themed blog really--just about anything I feel like talking about. I'll probably rant a lot on here. But yeah, keep an eye out because I may just rant about something that you're interested


Today's topic: how sad it makes me to see that there are oodles of people who created a dm account and then never even posted once!!! Look at the members tab. There are hundreds of names there and most of them never even posted once!!! I wonder why they bothered to sign up if they weren't going to do anything. Did we scare them off? Did they not feel like they'd fit in?


Today's new topic: FIREDRILLS ARE ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! My dorm just had one. So I'm behind on finishing up my stuff on the computer and then getting homework done :P I understand that they're checking to see if everyone actually got out of the building like they were supposed to, but I do wish they didn't take so long. It was different in grade school because a firedrill meant missing part of class and not having to bear more of some annoying lecture or possibly getting out of a test!


Well, I'm gonna need to get up earlyish tomorrow and I still have some studying to do so I'll call this first entry done.





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