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Demos on A Crown of Swords, chapters 3 - 5





Here's the one I was going to get up yesterday. I figured I should put it up before you all thought I forgot again :rolleyes:


I'll have another one up at some point tonight/tomorrow morning hopefully.


Chapter 3: Hill of the Golden Dawn


Rand waits as everyone else prepares to travel, and opens up a gateway for everyone to travel through. We see a little of Rand’s thoughts as the procession goes past, and we see Rand trusting less and less people. This Dashiva guy appears on the verge of madness. Either that or he is just one odd human being. As the last of the group finally crosses through the gateway, a maiden is spotted running towards them. The Wise Ones go out and meet her first, and then bring the news to Rand. Bair and Megana had set watchers out to wait for his return, and the reports of what have been going on are not good. A good majority of the Aiel now believe he works for the Aes Sedai, and they want to attack the White Tower. Meanwhile the other half fall to the bleakness due to Rand “betraying them”. To make matters worse, Colavaere has been crowned queen, and urging the Aiel to move south. There is some other political news about some other Cairhienin nobles declaring Colavaere a usurper, but basically everything Rand has worked towards is now ruined. Anyway Rand orders the Aes Sedai to be taken to the Aiel tents in order to make it look like they work for him. Not sure if that will work but it’s the best idea I’ve got. Maybe he could get the Aes Sedai to say it outright that they work for Rand.


Perrin also hears word of Bain and Chiad being with the Maidens, and he freaks out a bit about Faile. Rand finally gathers a small group and starts to head the last leg toward the city.



Chapter 4: Into Cairhien


It was interesting to see Rand ride into Cairhien the way he did. It may have been good as far as his image was concerned, but I loved this scene build up. It’s like the skinny kid just blindsided the big badass with a kick in the private parts, and everyone is waiting for the retaliation. The Aiel obviously have their own opinions, and things definitely hang in the balance with them. As for the rest of the people, all the nobles (especially Colavaere) assumed Rand was not returning. I can just imagine the look on their faces as Rand crashes on their celebration party. One thing is for sure, the mood is pretty somber (at least in the outer part of the city) for celebrations of a new queen.


I’m getting a little ahead of myself, though. We see these chapters through the eyes of Perrin, and he grows increasingly worried about Faile as they travel towards the Palace. One side not, but based off the emotions he smells of Dashiva, he concludes he is mad. I see a problem growing with him down the road. Back to the story, though, and the group meets up with this society of girls playing at Aiel, and it is here that we find out Faile is one of Colavaere’s attendants! I guess it’s good to know that she is safe, or appears to be. It is then that they travel to the Great Hall, and crash their little shindig.



Chapter 5: A Broken Crown


I was excited going into this chapter, and it didn't disappoint. Rand enters the Grand Hall with a purpose, and no one stands in his way as he approaches Colavaere. Faile is indeed one of the attendants, and stands by the throne. Rand confronts Colavaere, and I love his demonstration of what is done can be undone (Taking her crown, breaking it and then fixing it with the power). Perrin then accuses her of murdering Lord Maringil and the High Lord. Unfortunately he has to follow it up with asking about Berelain, and I had to laugh a little at that. I don't think Perrin has any feelings for her aside from physical attraction (he is a guy after all, a young ripe 20+ year old too), but that was probably the worst thing he could say in front of Faile. I can only imagine how jealous she will get now.


Faile seems to ignore it, for now, and accuses Colavaere of treason. Berelain's adviser, who happens to be Aes Sedai, also supports these claims, and Rand brings down the hammer on Colavaere. He still can't kill a woman, so he strips her of her titles, and exiles her to a small farm. From the reaction they all have, this may be worse then death in their eyes. Another side not, but I also loved when the Asha'man were revealed. Rand then asks Annoura to take him to Berelain. Say what you want about Berelain, but I had taken her as one who was loyal to Rand. Maybe she is, but this secret Aes Sedai adviser she's been having is not something you want to have pop up at a time like this.








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I've always personally loved A Broken Crown, it's a great chapter IMO. You'll be getting some more good stuff as you get through the book.


Enjoying the write-ups as always :smile:

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Awww...I was hoping you would write more today. Coming back to the story, its good to see Rand kicking ass even without the 1 power. As for the Ashaman bodyguards, keep a close watch on them. Thats all I m gonna say.

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I love the scene of rand breaking the crown and then repairing it. ACoS has a bunch of small almost minor scenes that I love to picture in my head.


And the wannabe aiel. I can never decide if I like them or not. It's a good idea trying to learn about the Aiel, but they come out so disrespectful.

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