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Clash of Kings, Chapters 37-39

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Basel Gill


Chapter 37 (Theon III): Theon's campaign on the mainland has begun. He's landed his men and wiped out a fishing village, and made sure to get the attention of the Tallhart family. A party of soldiers rides out from the Tallhart castle and gets annihilated. Theon remembers the leader from his days with the Starks. Theon gets spat on, and is made angry enough to kill him rather than interrogate him. Aeron insists Tallhart be drowned in seawater to please the Drowned God. I do so wish Aeron would put a damn sock in it. Maybe Theon will arrange a "battlefield accident" for his uncle at some point. Then he tells his mentor Cleftjaw to siege Torrhen's Square as a diversion, and allow them to send ravens out in distress. Rodrik will bring as many forces as Winterfell has left to help. Cleftjaw says Torrhen's Square will never fall, but Theon says he isn't after Torrhen's Square. I have a feeling he's going after Winterfell. The key question is, what good would it do him? It strikes me that Winterfell isn't very well positioned to make a good addition the the new Greyjoy empire. I think here that Theon is so eager for acceptance that he just wants to pull off something big and bold without really thinking it through. And somehow, it will come back to bite him later on.


Chapter 38 (Arya VIII): Arya is becoming a behind-the-scenes power at Harrenhal. Too bad for her that the only ones who know this are herself and Jaqen. She's basically running errands for her tormentor/boss Weese for most of this chapter. Tywin is marching out of Hrrenhal and the Mountain is going with him. To her aggravation, she still has to put up with Ser Amory, who is being left in command of the castle. Weese is pleased with her early on and promises to split a capon with her, but by the time dinner comes around, he forgets all about it and gives her nothing. This is the day she whispers Weese's name to Jaqen. The next day, Weese is found dead while the Lannister forces march off to battle. But will whoever takes Weese's spot be just as bad, or will it be someone she can live with?


Chapter 39 (Catelyn V): SO Cat has finally made it back to Riverrun. She sees four men in Lannister uniform hung from the castle walls. Guess Tyrion's plan to free Jaime didn't work so well. Jaime is now in a much worse cell, and Ser Cleos is also imprisoned. I'm guessing there won't be any more attempts at peace talks on Robb's part. Her father is not much longer for this world. When she goes to see him, he thinks she is Lysa, and it is before Lysa's wedding to Jon. From the way he talks, it sounds as though Lysa needed some convincing to marry Arryn, and she is never to mention some "wretched stripling" again. Apparently Lysa was besotted with someone else. Typical with arranged marriages. Ned's bones are in Riverrun and will be sent on to Winterfell. But will Winterfell be in the proper hands when they arrive there?

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