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Demos on A Crown of Swords, chapters 1 - 2





I think it was Isgrimner who suggested this, but working in a Word document first really makes this a lot easier. Thanks for the suggestion!



Chapter 1: High Chasaline


We start off with Perrin, post Dumai’s Wells. He is going over some different things in his head as he tries to avoid looking at the death and destruction below. You can just sense the somber mood in the camp as Perrin looks at all the graves (I like how the Aiel are buried standing up facing the sunrise) and remembers the Aiel singing their funeral songs. With as much of a deal that has been made over their singing, this is a scene I really wish I can witness one day on the big screen. The situation is obviously tense in the camp between all the different groups. I think the biggest trouble comes from one group of Aes Sedai being prisoners, and the other group technically not prisoners. It doesn’t help that the Aiel view on them seems to have changed. They no longer fear them, which is NOT good for the Aes Sedai. Will for will I don't think they can match these Aiel Wise Ones (aside from a select few). Of course, given everything that just happened, the Aes Sedai are at a disadvantage. I'd pay to see a meeting between the top 5 Wise Ones and top 5 Aes Sedai.



Chapter 2: The Butcher’s Yard


Now this scene really gave me goose bumps. I’m only reading about it, but as always RJ gives a clear picture of all the dead bodies just torn up. With as hard as Rand is growing, I can understand him being able to go through it all. He's focused only on finding and remembering every female who died for him. I’d hate to be all the guards that are forced to travel through the killing grounds with him. You can tell just how bad it is when even a few Aiel throw up.


Kiruna appears as Perrin is watching all this, and Perrin goes off on her for not obeying his orders and entering the fight. She smacks him right back down, though, saying the only way she could have done anything useful is if she were in danger. My personal opinion is that the time for the three oaths is over. It was definitely a good idea, and with good intentions, but you see the real drawback here. It appears the Black Ajah do not have to follow the 3 oaths, so it’s almost pointless to have them. All you are doing is restricting the good guys. Of course we can’t have humans fighting humans at this point. When it comes down to fighting the black wave of Mordor, I mean shadowspawn, the Aes Sedai will be able to fight from a distance. "EDIT" I just remembered that not all Aes Sedai really acknowledge the Black Ajah exist, right? That may play a factor here.


I also got chills as Perrin recounted his meeting with Rand the night before. Rand sitting there with all his pain and anger as he recited all 150+ names of the women who have died for him. It’s ripping Rand apart, I just wish there was someone who could put him at ease over it.


Rand finally returns to the camp, and we have a tense moment as Rand decides who to hand over the “good” Aes Sedai too. He finally gives them to the Wise Ones as apprentices. Ohhh boy, I’m curious to see Egwene’s reaction to that one. Elaida’s reaction will obviously be furious, as well as just about every other Aes Sedai. Egwene on the other hand, knows a little of what is was like and seemed to do her some good. Anyway, Rand also lets Alanna heal him, and she’s starting to grow on me. We don’t really get much from her, but in every scene she is in, she appears to be all in Rand’s corner. Not sure if Rand should trust her exactly, but maybe give her more leeway then the others. He is bonded to her after all. I’m afraid if Alanna dies and Rand experiences the pain that goes along with those deaths, he’ll jump over the deep end rage quit on the world.


Regardless, I’m happy to see that he is taking some Asha’man with him. I think it’ll be good for Rand to have some other male channelers about. They all share the unique bond of having to live as male channelers after all. Lastly, Min has a viewing of Taim that basically says he is a dangerous man. It’s pretty clear that he is, but I’m not sure exactly how to take it at this point in time. I do think Rand needs to spend more time at this Black Tower. With Taim being called the M’Hael (leader), it makes me feel that Taim is building this army for himself. Even if he doesn’t get all the recruits to work for him, a split in the Black Tower could end up FAR worse than this White Tower Split. As much as the Sisters are working to not start a war, you would have to quadruple that effort to try and stop these men from tearing up each other. We haven't even see the appearance of Logain yet! A 3 way split in their Tower would cause a second breaking.


It ends with the group traveling back to Cairhien.







Recommended Comments

The title Butcher's yard is one of the best titles of any chapter & one of my favorites. From now onwards, you will see Rand hardening up inevitably & the tension growing up between him & Perrin. You will see pretty interesting stuff when reading Rand's chapters & they are really good esp when "she" enters later on.

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Your edit pertaining to the AS's stance on the very existence of the BA is a good part of the reason. We as readers know much more than they as characters, as well as the BA themselves probably doing all they can to make the mention of it even more taboo than it would already be over the last 2000 years. Also the Aes Sedai are steeped in tradition, so it would take something profound to make them change their views on anything. The three oaths are... difficult to discuss yet. There's more about them in this book though.


I would have to rate this vision by Min as 'most useless viewing of all time'.


Also, Taim smiles. Just saying.

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I was in the process of going through a write up when I got a call from my buddy. It's his last night in town before he moves to a new state (I thought it was last night). So I got guilt tripped into a part two of his going away party. So bad news is I won't finish and get this update in tonight, but I'll have a good 6-7 chapters for you tomorrow.


Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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