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Clash of Kings, Chapters 34-36

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Basel Gill


Chapter 34 (Jon IV): The Fist of the First Men rises up out of the ground in the far north. All I can think of is Devil's Tower, but shorter. It sounds like a good place to camp. Defensible, and easily fortified. So the rangers stop here and wait for Qhorin Halfhand to join up with them. Mormont's plan is to wait where they are and let the wildlings come to them, since he feels the wildlings will have to go by the Fist to hit anything further south. Sam is getting braver, I think. By the time they get back to the Wall, Sam might even be able to handle himself in a fight. I'm not betting money on that, but it doesn't seem as far-fetched as it did when we first met him. After Jon gets some dinner, which he has no appetite for, Ghost shows up and wants to take him off to see... something. It turns out Ghost has discovered a large cache of obsidian (dragonglass) weapons. Daggers, arrowheads, and a horn. All wrapped up in... a cloak of the Night's Watch??? Ben Stark's, perhaps?


Chapter 35 (Bran V):So this one is interesting. The previous foretelling from Jojen comes true as Maester Luwin give Bran and the two Walders news of Robb's most badass victory at Oxcross. Lord Wlader's heir dies from a wound in the battle, and the Walders aren't really hit had by it. Which would be the dream that the Walders would like their rotten cut of meat better than Bran would like the best cut. So Bran talks to Jojen again, and gets another green dream from him. This time, Jojen tells him that the sea will flood Winterfell, and some people will drown. That's gotta be metaphorical, since Winterfell is way inland. Maybe it has something to do with the Greyjoy attack, coming from the sea and all. Other than that, I have no clue what it means. Meantime, Ser Rodrik is back, and he has Ramsay Snow's (the Bolton bastard) stinky manservant, Reek, as a prisoner. Ramsay himself is dead after being shot dead fleeing the scene of his latest atrocity. I won't miss him, he is a bastard in every sense of the word. Jojen claims Reek is going to kill Bran and Rickon. Now that I really hope is metaphorical.


Chapter 36 (Tyrion VIII): The powers that be in King's Landing have learned that Renly is dead, but it isn't ceetain how he died. It seems the rumor mill has been working overtime. The small council thinks that the remnants of Renly's forces can be swayed to join Joff's cause. Most of Renly's lords swore fealty to Stannis soon after the murder, but not all of them. Loras went bonkers and killed two of the Rainbow Guard for failing to protect their King, and then he took a bunch of the horse and went back to rejoin the foot that Renly left behind. Tyrion suggests that Joff's betrothal to Sansa be severed, and a new betrothal be made... to Margaery, thus bringing the Tyrells into Joff's camp. Tyrion likely sees two good reasons for this. Not only does it do what he proposes to the council, giving Joff a valuable new ally in exchange for a bride with no political value whatever, but it helps to free Sansa from Joff. Tyrion is probably the only one in the room with a conscience, or at least the only one who heeds it. Littlefinger volunteers to go to Bitterbridge and make the offer. He presents excellent reasons for being the best one to send, but what's in it for him? Oh, and Cersei is up to something behind Tyrion's back. We just don't know what it is.

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