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Demos on A Crown of Swords, prologue





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  1. 1. What would you change in the blog write ups?

    • Good enough for me, I'm enjoying them
    • Spell check/ revise more!
    • Elaborate more on each chapter
    • It's like a train wreck, blogs are so bad I can't stop reading.


Ahhh great, rookie mistake and I accidentally deleted what I had written so far, which was a good 20 minutes of work. Oh well.



Anyway I wanted to get you guys something tonight, and see if there was any feedback on ways I can do these write ups better. As most of you have probably noticed, my English/grammar is average at best. I tend to write how I talk, and once I get into the mood of remembering what happened in these books and my thoughts on them, everything I was taught seems to go out the window and I just type. I don't have a whole lot of hours to go over them either each day, so I figured you guys would be happier with a good size blog every couple days (with the possibility of some mistakes). That plus every hour doing this is an hour I could have been reading! I know there are those out there who see these mistakes and have to point them out. Just let me know if I should review more. I won't be offended, I promise :)


Also, I've noticed I go up and down on my blogs as far as detail on the chapters. Some chapters I write mostly on what happens, while others I go on a long rant about one thing or another. Reading back on one, I realized that I summarize the events greatly, and for someone who didn't read the chapter recently, they'd have little clue to what I was talking about (Well maybe not for most of you). Either way, I was trying to decide if I should stick more to details on each chapter and what goes on. I don't have the skills to flourish my words and paint a picture, but I'll do my best.


There was something else I meant to mention but I'm drawing a blank. Anyway I just want to do this right for you all. You all take the time to read what I write, and I just am curious as to what you think after 6 books. As I said when I started this way back when, this is my first time doing a blog of any kind. I'll take any criticism, so don't worry about hurting my feelings.


I think I allow for multiple answers in the poll, not sure if that means you can vote more then once or not but you'll figure it out. Just elaborate in the comments if you feel the need.



Prologue: Lightnings


Once again we begin with a prologue that throws many POV’s at us, and catches most of the other characters up to date. We start off with Elaida, and I immediately pointed an imaginary finger in my head at her and said “Ha, sorry about your luck sucker!”. I can’t wait until she finds out her glorious plan to capture Rand failed. She really does seem to think a lot of herself, even to go as far to build herself a new palace. Granted, in her mind it is for the Amyrlin, but I doubt she would have supported it if she wasn’t the Amyrlin. Elaida then goes through her reports and we hear news of two sisters who are in Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve, but they haven’t reported in a while. Finally, Elaida ponders over the rumors of Morgase with the Whitecloaks, but doesn’t believe them any more than Elayne does.


Elaida decides to send 50 Aes Sedai and 200+ soldiers to the Black Tower to take care of that nuisance. Ha! For those Sisters sake, I hope word of Dumai’s Wells returns before they leave. Otherwise they’d be traveling to their death. Alviarin has arrived by this point, and based off their interactions, I’m pretty confident that Elaida is not Black Ajah. She really does hate Alviarin, but Elaida can’t do anything about it at the moment. She is conveying some more rumors and news, when Elaida has a foretelling! “The White Tower will be whole again, except for remnants cast out and scorned, whole and stronger than ever. Rand al’Thor will face the Amyrlin Seat and know her anger. The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and sisters will walk its grounds. This I Foretell.” I don’t like the sound of most of that. The White Tower being whole and strong again definitely seems like a good thing for the good guys, but the rest looks bad for Rand. We’ll see how it turns out.


Sevanna is next, and we are back in time just before the fight at Dumai’s Wells. I have no idea how the other Wise One’s let her get away with half the stuff she does. Well I kind of understand why they do now, but not how they let her get away with it before she had them kill that one Wise One. She acts completely out of character for an Aiel, and just about gets them all killed. Sevanna is so confident of their victory that she orders an all-out attack on the Aes Sedai wagons. She realizes Rand’s Aiel have arrived, and still forces the Aiel forward. We see the process of Rand breaking free, followed up by the bloodbath the Asha’man cause. It really is terrifying from her point of view, and she barely makes it out alive. What is this device she keeps referring too?


We jump back to Alviarin as she is leaving Elaida’s rooms. She is a little worried about Elaida’s foretelling and what it might mean, and is a little shook up all the way back to her room. She doesn’t find any peace there, though, as Mesaana appears! It’s led to believe she is disguised as one of the sisters in the Tower, or at least Alviarin thinks so. Mesaana has made it impossible to see her weaves or sense her ability, though. She has Alviarin report everything that Elaida said, and then delivers her own orders. It’s clear that Alviarin has had her meetings with many of the Forsaken, but in the end Mesaana tells her to serve only her. The big kicker here is Mesaana teaches Alviarin how to Travel! I don’t like this at all.


The Whitecloaks also suffer a huge loss in this chapter. Pedron Niall is playing stones with Morgase, and it appears some political game is going on between the two. Either way it’s unimportant as Omerna comes in and kills Niall! You kind of saw this coming, but not from Omerna. Valda is smart, though, and sets it up this way so he can show up and kill Omerna and wash his hands clean of the assassination. Asunawa then enters and it’s clear that he and Valda don’t like each other either, but there is nothing stopping Valda from becoming Lord Captain Commander now. Valda doesn’t seem to have the qualities Niall had, and the Whitecloaks just went from bad to worse. Things just continue to pile on as Niall’s secret informer sends a message confirming (what I take for the Seanchan returning, but it is lost in blood. I’m starting to get a bad feeling here.


Lastly, we see our boy Gawyn in the aftermath of Dumai’s Wells. He’s still being sulky over not being able to kill Rand. He sees an Aes Sedai fall from an Aiel bow, but isn’t able to save her in time. They are attacked by a group of Aiel, and manage to fight them off. We end with them making camp and Gawyn planning on returning to Tar Valon ASAP.


Look for more tomorrow!



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How'd you like that last line? It's one of my favorites of the series. "The world would forget Dumai's Wells in what was coming." Sends chills down my spine.


The title of the ACoS Prologue is "Lightnings" not "The First Message" which was the title of the LoC Prologue.


I've been loving your summaries. You might want to add more of what you think instead of so heavily summarizing what happened in the chapter, but I've been happy with them so far. Some chapters you just don't have a strong feeling for what's happening, it happens.


Elaida's Foretelling might not turn out how you expect. You're so lucky that you're reading the series at a point where so much of this stuff has been answered. Waiting to see a lot of this stuff come to fruition over the past 11 years has been exhausting.

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In response to your questions about the blog:


You're doing this on your own time for our enjoyment, I'm happy with whatever works for you in terms of formatting/detail. That being said, I did vote for greater elaborations on each chapter, but that's just because I love to read blogs like these; I'd be perfectly happy with the same format that you're using right now too. TBH, there are many chapters where there really isn't anything interesting to elaborate on, so it's not like there's any material there for you to work with anyway.


As to what I think after 6 books: I think that it's pretty damn awesome that you're still writing this thing. I honestly expected you to stop writing them about maybe the 4th or 5th book, I know I would have. I don't have anything in the way of criticism that readily comes to mind either. Just keep doing what you're doing :smile:

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Demos, I like your blogs. I usually read them as soon as the new piece gets posted.


I have only one wish: try to be more predictable with when the next blog will be coming, or at least keep us updated. If you say that the next piece should be coming in a few days and it's two weeks instead, that's alright, but wouldn't it be possible to login just once and notify us? :)


Maybe you could write it on your message wall?

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Sevanna is referring to a 'call box' that was given to her in the Prologue of LoC by a mysterious wetlander. She was supposed to use it when she had Rand Al'Thor captive. We learn more about what this is about later.


Foretellings are both a blessing and a curse.

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I've done the accidental delete thing myself when I did a similar blog on my read of A Song of Ice and Fire. I also had several misspellings and typos too. Eventually I got wise and started typing in a Word document and then copy and pasting them when I went to post them. That also helped with the spelling as Word had a spell check. If you don't have Word, and are using Windows, you will most likely have Wordpad which will do basically the same thing,

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Dude we have come this far reading your blogs. You can say that you & the readers have formed some sort of a connection & like others have mentioned, its always great to see your reaction. We all want you to see writing these blogs till the last novel that has released till date. The only thing I want is that there is not a very big delay between your consecutive blogs. Besides that, you are doing a gr8 job. :aiel:

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Where the make it daily option?


But yeah this works well giving the 1st time Point of View. Let the people who read the series 5 times make elaborate reviews. Keep up the good work.

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What ever works best for you mate. Like sleeper said sometimes there isn't much to elaborate on in every chapter. With this being your first time through, no one expects you to catch every subtle litte thing RJ sliped into these books. Thats for all of us who have been through these books multiple times to figure out. More posts would be nice but we all just apreciate you putting these posts out here for us to read.

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Thanks for all the responses. Part of the reason I have not done it daily is because I didn't always get 5-6 chapters in. So my next question is; I could probably do a daily blog of 2-3 chapters, would that work? They may not always be as long, but if I'm only doing a couple chapters I could do a better write up overall and not have to worry about rushing things. It probably would also help so I don't get too far ahead in my readings. Also, it's a lot easier going into writing the updates knowing I only have to do 2 chapters, verses 6.


I will say this, though. I coach football on the HS level so there will be some days I have no choice in missing (Friday nights for example). At least you would then get a daily dose of things (for the most part). I may try that for now and see how it works out, assuming there aren't many people who hate this idea.


So going along with that, I have some good news/bad news. From now on, my goal is to try to get you guys a daily update, or at the worst every other day. It'll be no less then 2 chapters, but most likely no more then 6. Most my reading comes at night, so no matter how much I want to keep going, I risk having the next day be hell trying to stay awake. The bad news is I won't be able to get a write-up in tonight. Some family issues came up and I barely have time to respond here.


I'll respond to more specific comments when I get a chance, and I will definitely get a blog in tomorrow (I "could" have had something for you tonight, but there is still one more chapter I need to get in. Plus some editing and looking over).


Doing something every day will also help in me being able to have less grammatical errors. For those who do notice it and voted on more revising, please send me a private message with things I have wrong. Whether it be each day after an update or in past blogs. It'll help me in the future to catch things.


Thanks again! It definitely is tough keeping up with the blog and I've thought about stopping it more than once. I do enjoy seeing your comments, though, and they help out more than you can imagine in understanding what's going on. Just keep responding and telling me to keep going and my guilt won't let me stop until we've finished.


p.s. I do get on the forums almost everyday, so I will definitely let you all know if there are any updates/changes as to when a blog will come in from now on.

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I'm loving the blogs, Demos - don't stress yourself out with it, but doing fewer chapters more often would be awesome. And count me among the ones who appreciate that you've kept with it. I love seeing a first time reader's take on something that I've read several times now. I've also been trying to keep slightly ahead of where you're at in my re-read so the story is fresh in my mind when I see your comments.


I like that you include a recap but also your thoughts - questions that occur to you (some of which we can answer without serious spoilers), things that stand out as important, stuff that you may suddenly realize was foreshadowed in earlier books, etc. That's my favorite part :)

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