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Demos on Lord of Chaos, chapter 16 - chapter 21





Chapter 16: Tellings of the Wheel


Rand is still in Caemlyn, and is about to meet with 4 of the lords and ladies of Caemlyn that had been exiled by Morgase. I’m assuming these are the good ones that we need to get back on our good side? They clearly don’t like the idea of Rand being there, and what he has done to the place. I feel they should at least be a little grateful, I can’t imagine it being worse than before with Rahvin. Though, there is that whole Dragon Reborn thing. Rand continues to try and win them over, and reinforces that he means the throne for Elayne. Though, with the recent troubles Morgase had, there has been a lot of respect lost for that family line. They seem to support Dyelin, but she is set on supporting Elayne first. As they leave, Rand gets a private word with Dyelin, where he finally finds out some more of his mother’s story. How she was Tigraine and that whole story there. Was really cool to see how everything lined up in order for Rand to be born and start his destiny. Rand is then about to leave for Cairhien when Sammael’s messenger shows up and proposes a truce! Was a little surprised, but Rand declined and said he will make Sammael pay for all his crimes. It would be a tempting offer, if only you could actually trust one of the Forsaken to hold on to that.



Chapter 17: The Wheel of a Life


Rand then travels to Cairhien where he meets with Berelain and Rhuarc. Berelain is actually doing a great job, and she and Rhuarc seem to be working well together. It’s also a trend that we see more of later on, but the Aiel seem to approve and respect Berelain a lot. Why is that? At first I thought may be because Berelain was sleeping with Rhuarc, but their relationship seems to be more a proud father/daughter type. We also see the introduction of the attempt at ji’e’toh with the non-aiel folk. This is especially big among the women, who are basically trying to copy the maidens, just with the sword. This only infuriates the Aiel more, yet Rand lets it slide in order to support Berelain. They talk a little more of the situations in Cairhienin; The shaido, the small force of rebels, fighting in the Shara, etc. Unfortunately this chapter can’t end well and an Aiel named Mangin comes in to confess for killing a man with dragon tattoos. Just a bad situation to be in, yet Rand says he must hang. It's just crazy how easily the Aiel accept it and agree the punishment is right. At least Mangin doesn’t make a big deal out of it, the rest of the Aiel seem to dislike the whole thing.



Chapter 18: A Taste of Solitude


Next, Rand travels to the school he had set up. As we go through the school, it’s interesting to see the different inventions that are in the making. Not sure on some of them but they are things like a big telescope, printing press, and the huge crossbow thing. Rand finally meets with this guy named Herid who is some type of scholar. Rand has asked him to learn what he can about the seals to the DO’s prison and what would be the best way to remake it. He had an interesting thought on it, but didn’t really seem to help Rand out at all. From his perspective and the whole circle thing, it's hard to picture where exactly we are in the cycle.


We also see Egwene again as she is still with the Wise Ones. She is excluded from the meeting with Aviendha which annoys her, so she goes to take out her anger on Rand. Luckily Rand is still at the school so is spared from this rant for the moment. Eventually he returns, though, and Egwene asks him to help her convince the Wise Ones to allow her to resume her studies. Of course, all Rand wants to know in return is where Elayne is, which simply sets off Egwene and she leaves in a bad mood.


Lastly we see Sulin, and we really see how much they care for Rand. Even though he forced her to only have two guards while in the palace, she still has her group which watches him from the shadows. You really can’t argue with one who tries so hard to keep you alive. I really like her.



Chapter 19: Matters of Toh


That night Rand has some strange dreams, which from his reaction after; they were Lews Therin’s dreams? I’d start to freak out then, and makes me wonder still if he really is going mad or if this is “normal” for the Dragon? I guess as long as Rand realizes it’s not him it can’t be too bad.. Anyway it’s back to dealing with everyone the next day as there is a group of the Wise Ones and some other groups outside his door waiting to meet with him. What's the best way to deal with all them? Simply tell them he is going back to Caemlyn. Back in Caemlyn, Rand finally has a chat with Aviendha, where she tells him of these dreams the Wise One’s had. They weren’t sure if it had anything to do with Rand, but all three had the dream which must mean it is important. The dreams hinted at things, but as far as where I am in my first read through of the books, I couldn’t come up with anything aside from what Rand says they could mean. What’s really interesting is Aviendha’s POV afterwords, as she says she has toh towards Rand for him saving her life, but she also has toh towards Elayne. She says that killing Rand would solve one toh, how? Luckily she can’t do it without blocking the other; just crazy that she would even consider it. Can’t tell if she still likes him or not.



Chapter 20: From the Stedding


Now this chapter certainly held a surprise I didn’t see coming. We see the arrival of three Ogier, who happen to be Loial’s mother, an elder at his stedding, and a female who his mother clearly is about to set him up with. I faintly remember Erith, but had to go back to remember the scene when Loial went to her stedding before they traveled to Falme. Anyway, they clearly are on a mission to find Loial and have him married and settled down. Certainly is not good for Loial, yet they are a long way off from finding him. You really can’t lie to an Ogier, so Rand tells them the basic truth about Loial being in the Two Rivers. Suddenly, Rand has Haman show him the location of all the Waygates and explains his plan to guard them all from shadowspawn using them. A good question arises, why don’t they shadowspawn just use gateways? Certainly would be a lot easier, and quicker. We already know the forsaken know how to travel too. Regardless, they eventually mark what seems like all of them. There certainly turn out to be a lot more waygates than I expected, but one in particular seems to interest Rand. He asks Haman to show him the waygate in Shadar Logoth, and they reluctantly agree. Why this place? Anyway I'm not going to lie, I had a bad feeling about going back to this place. Who wouldn’t?



Chapter 21: To Shadar Logoth


Rand opens a gateway, and allows Sulin a short time to gather about as many Aiel as she can. She manages to gather in a lot, but they only take about 40-50. The place certainly still has that freaky feel to it, especially now that we know more of the full story of the city. Obviously the Aiel disregard the evil feeling of the place, and don’t seem to take the danger seriously. Maybe they do, they just don’t fully understand that they can’t fight this evil with their spears. Haman finally leads them to the waygate, and Rand weaves a nasty trap around it. He basically says that it will kill all shadowspawn that come out, yet it won’t kill them instantly. Good stuff, and is definitely more efficient then having to post guards around there. Who in their right mind would be willing to be stationed there? Of course, once again things couldn’t end so well as there is one Aiel missing, Liah. They spend the day looking for her, but night finally falls and Rand is forced to give up. Terrible, and we can only hope that she is alright, but I’m assuming the worst. At least Rand shows some kindness in return for their help, and opens a gateway directly to the Two Rivers for the Ogier. Now that’s a reunion I hope we see. Still nothing from Perrin aside from the prologue, what gives?



I have the chapters up to 28 written, but I'll save those and post them tomorrow. I still need to go through and at least attempt at making them more legible and understandable. Plus they dealt a lot with Egwene and she was starting to annoy me a tad in some recent chapters.








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Good stuff. Good stuff. Not much to talk about here, but nice work on the commentaries. Still love reading them. Can't wait for your next post.

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Avi has toh towards Rand for saving her life in the deep snows place. Then she has toh towards Elayne for sleeping with her boyfriend when she promised to only look out for him. So I would assume, by her logic, killing Rand would solve the part of them sleeping together. But she can't because he saved her life.


As Brandon says at his signings, "Aiel are weird!"


I think only RJ could bring them to life such as they are. ANy oher writer would have cliche'd it.

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