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Clash of Kings, Chapters 18-20

Basel Gill



Chapter 18 (Sansa II): We haven't seen much of Sansa in this book so far. She gets a secret note to come to the godswood if she would like to go home.Somehow, a distraction presents itself so she can get there with none of the wall guards noticing. THe person who wrote the note is Dontos, who we last saw at Joff's tourney making a drunken idiot of himself, and Joff made him the new castle fool. I didn't even mention him at the time cause I thought nothing important would come out of that. But Sansa had saved his life, and he owes her big. So he wants to help her escape. What he can do to pull this off is a very good question. On her way back, she encounters the Hound, who takes her back to her rooms. She is scared of him still, I can tell.


Chapter 19 (Arya V): Things are rough for the survivors of Yoren's bunch. Arya is holding to some bit of civilization and insists they find Yoren's body and give him a good burial. The ones who knew how to survive in the wild on their own are mostly dead, and Lommy doesn't have much time left either, going by his wounds. So Arya and Gendry decide to sneak over to a nearby village and take what they can. On the way, Gendry reveals that he's figured out that she's a girl, and he has no clue why the gold cloaks are after him. She confesses her true identity to him, and he agrees to keep her secret safe. Then it turns out that it's Lannisters n the village, and they capture Gendry. Arya takes Hot Pie to try and rescue him... bad idea. Hot Pie accidentally gives them away and yields immediately. I liked him when Yoren and eveeryone stood up to the gold cloaks, but since then he hasn't been as impressive. The bad guys kill Lommy, and things aren't looking too optimistic for Arya.


Chapter 20 (Tyrion V): So Tyrion is checking out the wildfire supplies. Something tells me they will be put to use sooner or later. Cersei has gotten wind of his letter to Dorne. Except she is under the impression that he has offered the Martells Myrcella's hand in marriage, not Tommen. He lets her continue under this belief, and manages to persuade her somewhat. He lets her see Robb's peace terms, and calls it a good starting point. And then he muses to himself about how he knows who Cersei's informer is. I wonder how he pulled this off, but I bet it has to do with his manipulations in his previous chapter. I bet the next time we see Tyrion, he'll lay it all out for us.



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